Account Management Support

Creating Your Account

Nothing could be easier than creating your RealBet account. Simply click here or click on any of the “Join Now” buttons or links on the website. This will take you to the Account Profile page which will have all the required fields for you to input your information. Always enter up-to-date and accurate information as incorrect information may hinder your ability to deposit, place wagers, and cash out winnings. Please know that RealBet always treats the security and safety of your information as a top priority. Simply follow all of the steps of the quick account registration process and you will be playing right away!

Making a Deposit

Click on any of the “Cashier” links on the website or here and you will be automatically taken to RealBet’s safe and secure Cashier page. Choose the deposit method that best suits you and follow the easy step-by-step instructions for a quick and hassle free deposit. A top priority of RealBet is the safety and security of our Players’ information and our Deposit Page utilizes state-of-the art security and encryption. Once you have successfully made a deposit your funds will be automatically and instantly credited to your account.

Which Credit Cards do you accept?

RealBet is pleased to offer numerous deposit options for credit cards including most types of personal credit cards and gift credit cards. Please note that all gift credit cards must be permitted to make international transactions and purchases. For further details visit the “Cashier” section of the website for an up-to-date list of all credit cards accepted.

Bitcoin FAQ

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency that allows you to transfer funds instantly, securely, and discretely to other individuals and business in an encrypted form.

If I Don’t Have Any Bitcoins How Do I Get Them?

Buying Bitcoins is very easy and straightforward. There are a number of “Bitcoin exchanges” which are companies that allow users to buy and sell Bitcoins. You simply create an account with one of them and then fund it as you choose. The Bitcoin exchange then purchases a Bitcoin on your behalf and stores it in your secure account or “wallet” on their site.

You may then continue to buy and sell Bitcoins as you wish, as well as using your Bitcoins to purchase services or products from any company that accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment. We recommend using a highly trusted Bitcoin exchange such as Coinbase or Kraken to host your Bitcoin account.

How do I Fund My RealBet Account with Bitcoin?

Simply log into your RealBet account and click on the “Cashier” link in the upper righthand corner of the site which will then take you to our Cashier page. In the Cashier window click on the “Bitcoin” button and then enter the amount of money you wish to deposit into your RealBet account. When complete click on the “Complete Deposit” button, and then click on the “Process Transaction” button in the next window.

Our Cashier will then generate three ways you may choose from to complete the transfer: 1) a unique QPR code that you can scan with your Bitcoin app; 2) a clickable link that will auto launch whatever Bitcoin app you have installed on your mobile device or desktop; 3) an alphanumeric address that you can input into your Bitcoin app and send directly to RealBet. Any of the above ways of completing your Bitcoin transfer works quickly and securely.

How long will the transfer take?

Usually your funds will be posted to your RealBet account and available for gaming within 10 minutes of the transfer being initiated. If you have any further questions, or are not seeing your funds in your account within 30 minutes, then please call RealBet Customer Service at 1-866-839-5255.

Deposit Bonuses

RealBet is proud to offer you some of the best Deposit Bonuses in the business. When you make a deposit your bonus will automatically be credited to your account and will show up under your “Free Money” balance. Your Real Money and Free Money balances are always listed in the upper right hand corner of the website when you are logged in. If you do not wish to receive a bonus, or have any questions about your deposit, please contact RealBet Customer Service at

Redeeming Bonus Codes

Some bonuses will have a specific “Bonus Code” that will ensure that you get credited with the right amount of Free Money for a specific promotion. To redeem a Bonus Code simply go the “Cashier” page and click on the “Bonus Code” tab and then input your Bonus Code into the blank field and click “Submit”. Then follow the Deposit step-by-step instructions. Please note that you must redeem your Bonus Code prior to making that deposit. After you make a deposit your bonus will be automatically credited to your account and listed in your Free Money balance. For further information please read the stipulations associated with each bonus promotion.

What is the Difference between my Bonus and Free Money?

Your Bonus and Free Money are exactly the same thing, and when your Bonus is put into your account it is thereafter referred to as “Free Money” and is listed under your Free Money balance. Free Money (your bonus) may only be used in conjunction with Real Money and is used at a 1:1 ratio when you are placing a wager or playing in the casino until the Free Money is used up. For instance, if you place a $10 wager in the sportsbook $5 from your Free Money balance and $5 from your Real Money balance will be used. Free Money may not be withdrawn on its own and must always be converted into Real Money through wagering.

Bonus Rollover

Clearing your bonus at RealBet couldn’t be easier. Based upon the specific bonus promotion, you will need a certain amount of total wagers to meet the requirements before withdrawing any winnings. In the casino for instance, you will need to wager 25x both your deposit and your bonus amounts (25x deposit + bonus) before your bonus is cleared. So if you deposit $200 and receive a 50% deposit bonus of $100, you would then need to make a total of $7500 (25x $300) in casino wagers to release all $100 of your bonus or Free Money and make a withdrawal. Free Money (your bonus) is released when you wager in increments of $1 of Free Money for every $1 of Real Money played. If you are wagering in the Sportsbook, you will need to wager 5x both the deposit and bonus amounts (5x deposit + bonus) before it is cleared. So if you deposit $200 and receive a %50 deposit bonus of $100, you would then need to make $1500 (5x $300) worth of sports wagers in order to clear all of your deposit bonus. You may combine both Casino and Sportsbook play when rolling over a bonus. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your bonus for all details regarding rollover and redemption. In addition, some casino games are not eligible when clearing rollover and those exemptions will also be outlined in the bonus’ terms and conditions.

It is also important to note that some special or unique Promotions may have different bonus rollover requirements than the general rollover requirements stated above. Should you have any questions about a Promotion and its rollover requirements please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.

No Deposit Free Bet Promotions

If you joined RealBet as part of a No Deposit Free Bet Promotion then the following terms apply.

  • If a particular sport or event is stipulated in the promotion then the Free Bet must be placed on that sport or event.
  • The maximum amount that may be won from a No Deposit Free Bet Promotion is $150.
  • All No Deposit Free Bets must meet standard rollover unless otherwise stated. Standard rollover requires wagering 5x the amount of the Free Bet in the Sportsbook, or 25x the amount of the Free Bet in the Casino before a withdrawal may be requested.

Super Bowl Cash Prize Promotion

If you joined RealBet as part of the Super Bowl Cash Prize Promotion then the following terms apply:

  • Entry into this promotion is only for new accounts created during the duration of the contest.
  • To be entered in the draw a wager must be made on valid Super Bowl line.
  • All prizing has a 10x Sports or 25x Casino rollover requirement before a withdrawal may be requested.
  • This promotion is also subject to RealBet's general Terms of Service.

Making a Withdrawal

Withdrawing your funds is quick and easy with RealBet. Simply go to the “Cashier” tab located on the website and you will be taken to the “Cashier” page of the website. Then click on the “Withdraw” tab and select your preferred method of withdrawal. Input any information required and then click on the “Submit” button to make your withdrawal request. All withdrawal requests will be reviewed by the RealBet Payouts team and processed according to the specifics of each method.

What is the Credit Card Verification Agreement and how do I get one?

The Credit Card Verification Agreement allows RealBet customers to know their credit card details have been verified and are safe and secure. To make a withdrawal customers must fill out the CCVA and return it to RealBet before any payouts are processed. The Credit Card Verification Agreement form may be downloaded here and returned to RealBet either by fax or scanned and sent via email. The CCVA is also required before any increase to credit card limits will be approved.

Am I allowed to share my account?

Again we ask that you do not share your login information and account with any other individuals to prevent any issues with account safety and security. Sharing your account information can often lead to real issues no matter how well intentioned. RealBet will only deal with the named account holder and only the named account holder is permitted to make deposits and withdrawals.

Can I use another person’s credit card on my account?

For reasons of account security RealBet does not allow any credit cards to be used on an account if the name on the credit card is different than the name on the account. This ensures that all transactions to and from the account are legitimate and in good faith. In addition RealBet does not accept corporate credit cards regardless of whether the name on the account matches the name on the credit card or not.

I have forgotten my password and/or username. How do I retrieve them?

If you have forgotten either your password or username simply click on the “Forgot Password” link on the main page of the website. A dialogue box will pop-up and you will be prompted to enter your email address. Then click on the “Submit” button and you will be automatically emailed your password and username. Please ensure you enter the email address that you used when you created your account, as that is the email address that your information will be sent to.

I no longer have the same email. Should I open a new account?

If you no longer have access to the original email address you created your account with then please contact Customer Service at 1 866 839 5255. We will retrieve your account information for you and get you playing right away. For the safety and security of all accounts, RealBet only allows one account per customer. If you do open up a second account it will be flagged and suspended as multiple accounts are not allowed. It is much easier and quicker to contact Customer Service and regain access to your original account.

I want to change my Password. How do I do that?

  • Log into your RealBet account with your Username and original Password
  • Click the “My Account” tab in the upper right hand corner
  • Click on “Profile”
  • Click on “Edit Password”
  • Input New Password and click the “Submit” button

It is important to always keep your Password private and do not share your login information with anyone else. Should there be any issues with your account as the result of sharing your login information then it will be the sole responsibility of the account holder.

What is the Age Requirement to have a RealBet account?

All customers must be at least 18 years old to play on RealBet. Please also check with your place of legal residence to ensure that you adhere to the minimum age requirements of that location.

Online gambling is legal in many countries around the world and the World Trade Organization has repeatedly confirmed the practice. However, it is not legal in some countries so please check with the laws of your place of residence.

Will I pay Taxes?

RealBet does not report any information on our customers and their play to any country or government. However, we suggest you check with the tax requirements of your area of residence and act accordingly.

What Should I Do if I Have a Problem?

Should you have any questions that you don’t see listed here, or are having any problems with your RealBet gaming experience, please do not hesitate to contact RealBet Customer Service. We are happy to help with any type of inquiry!