Casino Tournaments Support

How do I find information on the tournaments?

All information on the RealBet Casino tournaments is listed in the tournament lobby under the main Casino page. Information such as tournaments start/end times, late registration, number of entrants required, and number of hands or rounds required are all listed there.

What are Tournament Chips and are they the same as Real Money chips?

Tournament chips do not have any Real Money worth or value but do represent the buy-in amount you paid when registering for the tournament. If you entered the tournament for free than even better and you are freerolling for Real Money or Free Money! Tournament chips may only be used in the tournament for which they were issued.

How does the Prize Pool work?

A tournament Prize Pool represents the total amount to be paid out to the winning players in the tournament. The amount in each tournament’s prize pool will be specific to that tournament and will reflect the number of entrants and buy-ins, and in turn the amount paid out to winners is pre-set based on those figures. RealBet is proud of the fact that we guarantee many of our tournament prize pools meaning that there is always plenty to go around! The tournament lobby contains all the specific details on each tournament’s prize pool.

How does late registration work?

All tournaments have a late entry deadline and any players may register for the tournament up to that time if they are qualified. Typically the late entry deadline is 8 minutes prior to the end of the tournament and the details will be posted in the tournament lobby.

Where do I see how I am doing in the tournament?

Player status is displayed on the Tournament Leaderboard in the Tournament Lobby and will show your Username, where you rank in the tournament, and how many tournament chips you have. As well there is a smaller tournament leaderboard in the tournament page you are playing on that will also show your ranking and chip count.

What happens if there is a tie?

If there should be a tie then the prizing is split evenly among the players in question.

Where do I see the final results for the tournament?

The final results will be officially displayed in the Tournament Lobby window, and all winners will be sent an email confirming their result and their share of the prize pool.

What do I need to do to get my tournament prize?

The only action required on your part is celebrating! All winnings and prizes will be automatically paid out to winners’ accounts typically within 15 minutes or less. Should there be any special prizing then someone from the RealBet Customer Service team will contact you directly.

What happens if I lose my Internet connection while playing in a tournament?

Should you be disconnected during a tournament the following protocols are in place:

  • The tournament will continue.
  • You can still continue to play when you reconnect and you will start from exactly the point where you lost your connection.
  • Should you be unable to reconnect then your final score will be your tally at the point and time of your disconnection.
  • All play and prizing is cancelled if there are any technical issues or errors with the tournament system. Any tournaments so affected will be restarted or rescheduled.

When can I withdraw my winnings?

If you have made at least one Real Money deposit prior to the tournament then you can withdraw your winnings with no restrictions. If you have not yet made a deposit then you must meet the 15x “rollover” in the casino or sportsbook before being able to request a payout. For an explanation of “rollover” please visit our Help section.

How do I wager with my “Free Money” prize?

Free Money can only be used in conjunction with Real Money when making a wager in the Casino or the Sportsbook. All Free Money must be used in a 1 to 1 ratio with Real Money. If you have only Free Money in your account then you will need to make a Real Money deposit in order to use the Free Money.

Can I buy into Tournaments with Free Money?

All players may buy into Casino Tournaments with Free Money if it is combined with Real Money in a 1 to 1 ratio. If there is a $10 dollar tournament then you may use $5 Free Money and $5 Real Money to buy into the tournament. After you have bought into the tournament, it is then played with tournament chips and not Real Money or Free Money.