Casino Tournaments FAQ

How do I find information for each tournament?

All information about individual tournaments will be listed in the tournament lobby of each event. Information such as when the tournament starts and finishes, amount of chips each player receives, and number of required hands to be eligible for prizing.

Are Tournament chips different than Real Money chips?

Tournament chips are different than Real Money chips in that they are only for use in casino tournaments, and are not transferable nor do they have any cash value. Players in casino tournaments only pay the initial Buy In amount for the tournament and are not wagering any additional Real Money after the tournament begins. If you enter a $5 Slot Tournament for instance, then your account will only be debited the $5 Buy In regardless the amount of Casino Tournament chips you receive. Tournament chips are simply used to track your play during the course of the tournament.

How do Prize Pools work?

Casino Tournament prize pools are determined by the number of entrants and the amount of the tournament Buy In. Prize payout ratios are published in the tournament lobby for each event and pay out a set percentage to a specific amount of finishers. Often many Casino Tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool, which guarantees the amount of money paid out regardless of how many players join the tournament.

How late can I enter a tournament?

Players may register and play in any Casino Tournament before the listed Close time. Close times will be detailed in the tournament lobby for each specific tournament and may allow time for late entries. Even if the tournament is ongoing, players may still join and play if it is before the posted Close time.

Also note that if you register for a tournament and miss the start time, you are still eligible to play in the tournament if it is still ongoing. Simply log in and you will be able to play in the tournament right away.

How do I see my position during a tournament?

Your position will always be listed in the tournament screen itself. For additional details, simply check the tournament lobby which list your name, number of tournament chips, and rank.

What happens if players tie in a tournament?

In the case of any ties in a Casino Tournament, there are no tie-breaker mechanisms and prizing will be split evenly among the tied players.

How do I see tournament results after it is finished?

All details about the tournament including a player’s rank and any prize winnings will be displayed in the tournament lobby. If you were one of the winners, you will also receive a congratulatory email with all the details.

How do I claim my prize?

All prize money is automatically paid directly into the accounts of the winning players within one hour of the casino tournament being completed.

What do I do if I get disconnected during a tournament?

Should you experience a disconnection during casino tournament play the following rules will apply:

  • If you are disconnected the tournament will still continue.
  • When you reconnect you will be taken back to the point in the tournament at which you were disconnected and recommence play.
  • If you cannot reconnect then your final result will be determined by the amount of tournament chips you had at the time of your disconnection.
  • Any technical or administrative errors with the tournament or the games may result in the tournament and any results being declared null and void.

Can I withdraw my Casino Tournament winnings right away?

Any players who have made a least one deposit on RealBet can withdraw Real Money tournament prizes without having to satisfy any rollover requirements. If the prize is Free Money, then it must be converted in the same way as other Free Money by being wagered in a 1:1 ratio with Real Money. For any players that have never made a deposit with RealBet, all Real Money prizing must be rolled over 50 times in the Sportsbook or Casino before being eligible for withdrawal. All Non Depositing players will also be required to submit proof of identity upon request before initiating any withdrawal requests. Non Depositing players must make a deposit to convert any Free Money prizes into Real Money. For more details on converting Free Money into Real Money visit the Help section.