Sportsbook Support

How do I place a bet?

To place a bet click on the “Bet” button beside the sporting event that you are looking to place a wager on. This will open up the Betting Slip on the right side of the screen in which the event and the type of wager will be listed. Simply input the amount you wish to wager, check the “Confirm Bets” box, and then click on the “Place Bet” button. Your wager has now been placed.

What is a Moneyline Wager?

A Moneyline wager is where the team you pick must win outright. A Moneyline wager will have either a plus (+) or minus (-) sign beside it indicating how much you will win in relation to your wager. For instance if the New York Yankees are -150 versus the Oakland Athletics who are +150, you would need to bet $150 on the Yankees to win $100. If you wanted to bet on the Oakland Athletics instead, you would win $150 on a $100 wager. In this case the New York Yankees are the clear favorites over the Oakland Athletics who are the underdogs.

What is a Point Spread Wager?

A Point Spread wager also denotes the favorite in a contest with a minus symbol (-) and the underdog with a plus symbol (+). With a Point Spread wager the favorite will have to win by the amount of points listed beside it and the underdog can lose by as much as the amount of points listed beside it (as opposed to a Moneyline wager where you are looking to solely pick the winner of a game). For instance the New England Patriots are listed as -7 versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are listed as +7. If you choose the Patriots to win it means that they must win by greater than 7 points for your bet to be a winner. Conversely, the Buccaneers can lose by up to 6 points yet still win the bet. If the score falls on the 7, such as the Patriots beating the Buccaneers by a score of 21-14, then the wager is settled as a “Push” or a tie meaning that neither side is considered a winner and your entire wager amount is returned to your account. A “Push” or a tie is not possible with any Point Spread wager that ends in a half point such as a point spread of 7.5.

Normally a Point Spread wager has standard odds of -110 on both sides meaning that you must bet $110 to win $100 on your Point Spread bet. At times however the odds may be greater particularly when one team or contestant is a very large favorite.

What is an Over/Under Wager?

An Over/Under wager, also known as betting on the Total, is when you bet on the combined total number of points that will be scored by both teams in a game as opposed to picking one team as a winner. In an Over/Under wager you decide if you believe the total points scored will be Over (o) or Under (u) the amount specified for that contest. For example, if the point total is set at 195 for a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls, you will either bet the Under (u) as you think there will be less than 195 points scored between the two teams, or the Over (o) as you think there will be more than 195 points scored between the two teams. If the final total point results in exactly 195 points than the contest is considered a “Push” or a tie, and your full wager amount is returned to your account. A “Push” or a tie is not possible for any Over/Under point totals that end in a half point such as a total of 195.5.

Normally an Over/Under wager has standard odds of -110 on both sides meaning that you must bet $110 to win $100 on your bet. At times however the odds may be greater particularly when one team or contestant is a very large favorite.

In a Hockey Over/Under wager the shootout is included and only one goal from the shootout is assigned to the Total. For instance if the New York Rangers play the Boston Bruins and the regular time score ends in 2-2, then the team which wins the shootout will win 3-2 which means a total of 5 goals. All Over/Under wagers will be settled against this result.

In a Baseball Over/Under wager both of the “Listed” pitchers must start the game and the game must go the full 9 innings, or 8.5 innings if the home team is ahead and winning.

Live Betting FAQ

What is Live Betting?

Live Betting is an exciting new sports betting product that allows you to place wagers real time during a game. During the course of a game all of the usual lines on events will be offered such as moneylines, point spreads, totals, and more. The lines will update in real time to reflect the current status of the game while offering multiple opportunities for ongoing wagering. It is like playing in the game!

How Do I Make a Bet in Live Betting?

The process is almost identical to how you place a bet in the regular Bet Ticket in the sportsbook. Simply select the line on which you wish to bet and that information will be added to the Live Bet Ticket. Add in what amount you wish to place on the bet and then follow the prompts to “Confirm Wager” and “Place Bet”. Once you have done that then the bet has been successfully made and inputted into the system. To check on your bets and their status, simply click on the “My Bets” tab on the top of the Bet Ticket to see all the details.

What is Quick Bet Mode and How Does it Work?

Quick Bet Mode allows you to bypass the two wager confirmation steps of “Confirm Wager” and “Place Bet” when using Live Betting. Due to the speed and nature of Live Betting the lines can change very quickly, and so the Quick Bet Mode option enables you to place a wager faster. To use the feature check the Quick Bet Mode option and input the dollar amount you wish to wager on your bets. After that is done, you simply have to click on a Live Betting line and your wager is placed instantly for the amount you specified. Please note that you will not be able to review your wager after clicking on the line as the bet will be placed automatically. We recommend becoming comfortable with the Live Betting process prior to using Quick Bet Mode.

How Do I Change the Quick Bet Wager Amounts?

The default wager amount for Quick Bet Mode is $25 but it can be changed to whatever bet size you wish. Simply choose either one of the other default amounts, or highlight the wager amount box and enter a value of your own choosing. To erase any wager amounts choose the “Clear All” option which will change the value to zero and negate any previous values.

Why Am I Unable to Bet on a Line?

If you are unable to bet on a line it may be that the line is changing to reflect new odds. When this occurs the line will become temporarily greyed out until it is updated with the new odds. If a line reads as “OFF”, it means that the line is unavailable as it may no longer be offered or is finished for the game e.g. First Half wagers.

Why Did The Wager I Select Not Get Accepted?

Live Betting lines update in real time while being communicated between the RealBet gaming platform and their point of origin. The gaming platform will always confirm that the line that you are selecting is still available before placing it which may result in a small delay. If the line is still available then the wager will be placed, and if it isn’t you then have the choice of selecting the updated line or not.

What Are the Rules of Live Betting?

Please take a moment and acquaint yourself with the Live Betting Rules that are particular to this form of wagering. All of the usual wagering rules pertaining to specific sports and sports lines remain exactly the same as with normal wagering.

Live Betting Rules

  • If any scheduled event, or line within an event, has incorrect or erroneous information RealBet may cancel all and any wagers at their discretion.
  • Players are responsible for any wagers incorrectly or accidentally placed.
  • RealBet will cancel and refund all wagers that have been made after a line is “Past Post”, an event has started, or a line has expired.
  • RealBet at its discretion may pause Live Betting on an event should the nature of the game action make it impossible to properly administer wagering.
  • Should there arise an occasion where wagering has taken place on an event in which the bettor is suspected to be privy to prior information so as to have an unfair advantage, then RealBet reserves the right to grade as “No Action” all such wagers.

What is a Parlay Wager?

A Parlay is a wager that is made up of two or more wagers that combined together form one bet. In turn the Parlay wager offers higher odds since all the individual wagers must win for the entire Parlay wager to win. For example if you believe that both the NBA Chicago Bulls will win their game and the MLB New York Yankees will win their game, then you may want to place a Parlay wager that both teams will win as you will receive higher odds and a correspondingly higher payout. However both teams must win their games for your Parlay wager to win, and if the Chicago Bulls win but the New York Yankees lose then your Parlay wager will be considered a loss.

In a case where a game in a Parlay wager ends up in tie, that part of the Parlay wager “reduces” and the rest of the Parlay wager is still live. Since the tie game has been “reduced” or removed from the Parlay, the payout odds of the original Parlay wager drop to reflect that. If there are only two bets making up the Parlay then it “reduces” to a single or straight wager.

Parlay Wager Odds Listed Below

Payout Chart for standard -110 bets
# of Teams Payout
1 -110
2 2.6 - 1
3 6 - 1
4 10 - 1
5 20 - 1
6 40 - 1
7 75 - 1
8 150 - 1
9 300 - 1
10 700 - 1
11 1000 - 1
12 1800 - 1

Buying Points

Buying points is a practice that only applies to football or basketball and you may only buy them on point spreads and over/under totals. When buying points players will be able to buy in .5 points and up to a total of 3 points- or a total of six .5 points. For instance, if you would like to change the spread on a game by 1.5 points you will be buying three .5 points.

When buying points, the cost of the first two .5 points is $0.10 and the remaining 3 through 6 are priced at $0.15. The Bet Slip will automatically calculate the cost of buying the points and will provide you with an adjusted price which you can check before placing your wager.

In addition, buying points in football that move the spread onto or off of 3 or 7 will be an additional charge. If you buy a .5 point that moves the spread on or off 3, you will be charged an extra $0.15 for a total of $0.25 (the normal $0.10 for buying a .5 point plus the extra $0.15 for the same .5 point for moving the spread off or onto 3).

If you wish to move a spread on or off 7, you are only charged an additional $0.05 for the .5 point for a total of $0.15 (the normal $0.10 for buying a .5 point plus the extra $0.05 for moving the spread off or onto 7).

Example A:

The New York Giants are playing the Philadelphia Eagles and the line is:

New York +3.5 -110
Philadelphia -3.5 -110

To move the line to +4 for New York you would need to buy an additional .5 point which would add $0.10 to your line giving the following odds:

New York +4 -120

To move Philadelphia to a line of -3 requires not only buying a .5 point at $0.10, but also paying a premium of $0.15 for moving the point onto 3. Therefore since you have moved the line onto 3 your total cost for buying a .5 point is now $0.25. Your odds would now look like this:

Philadelphia -3 -135

To move Philadelphia to a point spread of -2 would require two additional .5 points which will cost more as they are the third and fourth .5 points that are being bought. As such each of these additional half points will cost $0.15 (as opposed to $0.10) and as such the odds for Philadelphia at -2 would be:

Philadelphia -3 -165
Points Total points Increment price per Total price
1st ½ point 0.5 $0.10 $0.10
2nd ½ point 1.0 $0.10 $0.20
3rd ½ point 1.5 $0.15 $0.35
4th ½ point 2.0 $0.15 $0.50
5th ½ point 2.5 $0.15 $0.65
6th ½ point 3.0 $0.15 $0.80
Football only Increment charged Extra charge per Total price
Onto or off of 3 0.5 Add $0.15 $0.25 or $0.30
Onto or off of 7 0.5 Add $0.05 $0.15 or $0.20

Progressive Parlays

Similar to regular parlays in that you must win all of your multiple selections on one Bet Ticket, the progressive parlay is restricted to either 4 or 8 game/event/team selections.

Progressive Parlays work in much the same way as regular Parlays as it is made up of multiple games within one wager. However, Progressive Parlays are only allowed on 4 or 8 game wagers. In addition, the odds on Progressive Parlays do not reflected the aggregate odds of the games selected, but rather are always fixed odds wagers.

As well 4 team Progressive Parlays can have up to one loss per wager, and 8 team Progressive Parlays can have up to two losses per wager, without the wager being graded a loss. However, the payouts will be respectively lower as outlined below.

4 Team
Wins Payouts
4 wins 4 - 1 (+400)
3 wins 1 - 1 (EVEN)
8 Team
Wins Payouts
8 wins 75 - 1 (+7500)
7 wins 5 - 1 (+500)
6 wins 3 - 1 (+300)

Teaser Wagers

Teasers allow you to adjust the point spreads and totals on multiple games within one wager. Teasers only apply to basketball and football and are found under “Bet Type” in the Betting Slip. The more points and games you choose, the more the payouts odds will change.

To win a Teaser wager you must win all of the game selections like you would in a Parlay wager. Any ties will be considered a “Push” and your Teaser wager and payout odds will reduce accordingly. If a Teaser Wager through ties reduces to a one game wager then your Teaser Wager will be cancelled and your account refunded the original wager amount.

All Teasers can be from 2 to 8 teams with the exception of the Sweetheart Teasers outlined below.

Points allowed for basketball teasers: 4, 4.5, 5, 7
Points allowed for football teasers: 6, 6.5, 7, 10

Sweetheart Teasers

A Sweetheart Teaser also only applies to basketball and football and can only be used on 3 game selections.

You get 10 points on a Football Sweetheart Teaser for each game picked and there must be 3 games in the wager. To win the Sweetheart Teaser all three games must win and any ties will cause the wager to lose.

You get 7 points on a Basketball Sweetheart Teaser for each game picked and there must be 3 games in the wager. To win the Sweetheart Teaser all three games must win and any ties will cause the wager to lose.

Teaser Prices (Basketball/Football)
# of Teams 4/6pt 4.5/6.5pt 5.0/7pt 7.0/10.0pt
2 teams -120 (10/12) -130 (10/13) -140 (10/14) N/A
3 teams +160 (8/5) +140 (7/5) +120 (6/5) -120 (10/12)
4 teams +250 (5/2) +200 (2/1) +180 (9/5) N/A
5 teams +400 (4/1) +350 (7/2) +300 (3/1) N/A
6 teams +600 (6/1) +500 (5/1) +400 (4/1) N/A
7 teams +900 (9/1) +800 (8/1) +700 (7/1) N/A
8 teams +1400 (14/1) +1200 (12/1) +1000 (10/1) N/A

This is for illustrative purposes and the Bet Ticket will list the final payout odds.

Friday Parlay and Teaser Specials

Every Friday between 6-9 pm EST RealBet offers a great deal on all Parlay wagers and on all 3 Team 10 Point Teaser bets.

All 3 Team 10 Point Teasers that are placed during this time period will automatically have their price reduced from -130 to -115.

All Parlay bets placed during this time will pay out at higher than normal odds as listed in the table below. Note that wagers must be priced at -110 as any other prices (-115 or -120 etc.) will result in the bet being paid out in True Odds.

Friday Special Parlay Payouts
3 6.5-1 8 200-1
4 13-1 9 400-1
5 25-1 10 800-1
6 50-1 11 1500-1
7 100-1 12 2500-1

If Bets- Win Only and Action

An If Bet is not unlike a Parlay in that it is composed of two or more wagers. However, in an If Bet if the first wager does not win then the second and subsequent wagers are not placed. In an If Bet it is only when the first wager wins or ties/No Action do any of the subsequent wagers then take place. This is an excellent bet choice if you don’t have enough funds for two separate wagers as the If Bet will rollover into the second wager if the first wager wins.

There are two different types of If Bets:

Win Only

With a Win Only If Bet the first wager must win for the second wager to be placed. If the first wager is a tie (Push) or is declared “No Action”, then the Win Only If Bet is cancelled and all remaining funds put back in your account.


With an Action If Bet the second wager is placed if the first wins, ties, or is “No Action”. It is only if the first wager loses does the second wager not get placed.

There are a number of stipulations for If Bets:

  • All If Bets must be the same amount for all portions of the If Bet. If the first wager in the If Bet is $20 then all subsequent wagers in the If Bet will be $20 wagers.
  • Wagers in an If Bet do not need to be in chronological order and will be placed in the order you select them. However, the first wager in an If Bet must start at the same time or before the other wager start times.
  • An If Bet may be across different sports and leagues.
  • If Bets cannot be made on different lines within the same game e.g. having an If Bet that has separate wagers on the total and the spread in the same game. If Bets wagers must be on separate games and this includes prop bets as well.
If Win Example
Team Line Bet Payout Status Total
Philadelphia Eagles +7, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Buffalo Bills +4, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Cleveland Browns +5, -110 $110 $100 Push $0
St. Louis Blues +120 $110 $132 No Action on this wager
Total Bet: $110
Total Win: $200
If Action Example
Team Line Bet Payout Status Total
Philadelphia Eagles +7, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Buffalo Bills +4, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Cleveland Browns +5, -110 $110 $100 Push $110
St. Louis Blues +120 $110 $132 WIN $242
Total Bet: $110
Total Win: $332

Reverse Bets- Win and Action

A Reverse Bet is really two If Bets placed together in the same wager that work both forward and in reverse. In a Reverse Bet you are allowed to combine different sports and events, but in a Reverse Bet there may only be 2 games. Reverse Bets may be Win or Action in the same manner as If Bets.

In a Reverse Win Bet your wager is still proceeds after a win and the second part of the If Bet is placed. Since there are two If Bets in a Reverse Bet your bet amount is doubled as you are essentially placing two wagers. If the first game wins then the same amount is put on the second game. If the second game wins then the same bet amount is placed on the first game.

As an example assume that you are betting on the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants winning their respective games. There are four potential outcomes:

  • Philadelphia wins and the Reverse Bet continues by now investing your initial wager on New York winning. When New York win then you win the Reverse Bet as both wagers are wins.
  • Should Philadelphia win but New York lose then you would get paid out for the first wager but lose your bet amount for the New York game.
  • Should Philadelphia lose but New York wins then you will win the payout from the second wager minus the bet amount for the Philadelphia game.
  • Should both Philadelphia and New York lose their games then you would lose both wager amounts.

Asian Handicapping

The Asian handicap soccer bet usually has + 0.5 or -0.5 point spread for each game with the offered odds/price, but will be based on the lines in the market. If the wager results in a tie within regulation (or 90 minutes of play), and the odds at 0.00, the wager will result in a push.

In addition there is a Splitball wager in which there are two different point spreads offered, such as 0, -0.5, and 0,+0.5, and they will have the same odds. In essence this is two bets in one wager where you are betting on two different lines simultaneously.

In "Splitball" wagers a tie or "Push" is possible as there are whole numbers as well as half point spreads. If you should win both wagers in your “Splitball” Bet then each will pay out as straight bets and the odds are not double or compounded as in a Parlay.

Future Bets

A Future Bet is a wager on the outcome of a future event that has not yet taken place. An example would be betting on who will win their division in the NFL before the season begins. Typically Future Bets are available for all major sports and tournaments before and during their respective seasons.

The odds that are available on Future Bets are often quite high although they will tend to shorten as the season gets underway.

Proposition Bets and Special Bets

Proposition Bets, or Props, and Special Bets refer to any wagers other than the conventional wagers listed above. Prop Bets and Special Bets may be on individual aspects of a game such as will a certain running back in football run over 100 yards in a game, or which team scores first in a hockey game. Many Prop bets can be parlayed and work the same as all other parlay bets.

The following authorities are utilized for grading all Prop Bets and Special Bets although RealBet retains final authority in all decisions.

Pro Football -
College Football -
Baseball -
Basketball -
Hockey -

1st 5-Inning Line Wager

A 1st 5 Inning Line Wager is a bet on which team will be leading at the end of the 5th inning in baseball. The wager is very much like a Half Time wager in basketball or football. The “Listed” pitchers for the game being bet on must start for this wager to have action. If the “Listed” pitchers do not start then the bet is considered a “No Action” and your wager amount will be returned to your account. If there is a tie at the end of the 5 innings then the wager is considered a “Push”.

Score in the 1st Inning Wagers

This is a wager where you bet whether any of the two baseball teams will score in the first inning. If one or both of the teams scores in the 1st inning then your bet is a winner and if none of them do then your bet is a loss.

All “1st”prop wagers will be graded in real time and will be understood to be official. This would include 1st pitch being a strike, ball, foul or hit, the 1st hit being a single, double, triple, or home run and so forth.

Additional baseball Prop Bets that have run lines and totals will be settled in exactly the same way as standard baseball bets on runlines and totals.

Pitching Changes and Listed Pitchers

Certain baseball wagers are based on the “Listed” or specific pitchers starting the game. If a Listed pitcher does not end up starting a baseball game then the following wagers are considered “No Action” and your funds are returned to your account.

  • Total Wagers
  • Runlines
  • Prop Bets
  • 1st 5 Inning Wagers

All full game Moneyline wagers will be considered active if pitchers have not been “listed” and there are any pitching changes.

If you have a full game Moneyline wager with a “listed” pitcher and that pitcher does not start then the game will be considered No Action and your funds returned. If the pitcher on the opposite team was not “listed” then your Moneyline wager will still have Action.

If both pitchers are “listed” in a full game Moneyline wager and they do not start then all wagers will be considered No Action.

NCAA Football Conference Championship Tie-Breakers

Teams that win the championship games of the SEC, Big 12, and ACC are considered to have “won” those conferences.

Should there be a tie in regular season wins in the other conferences then the BCS rank following the conference championship games will determine the “winner” of those conferences.

If there are no BCS rankings then the team rated highest in the AP Poll after the conference championship games will be considered to have won the conference.

Circled Games

A "circled game" is a contest that has restricted betting limits and restricted action which may be due to a number of factors. A circled game is denoted by a red circle icon which is placed in front of the team names in any posted line. A game may be circled if there is an injury to a key player, adverse weather conditions, or if it is a game with a potential for a large lopsided result. In addition, games or events that are added late or of which there is little information available may also be circled. Circled games are not allowed in Parlays or Teasers.

Can I Cancel My Sports Bet?

Once a wager has been placed and a Wager ID number given then all bets are considered final and cannot be cancelled. To prevent any mistaken wagers the RealBet Betting Slip requires both checking the “Confirm Bets” checkbox and clicking on the “Place Wager” button.