Sportsbook Terms and Conditions

  • In lieu of specific mention in these Terms and Conditions it shall be a given that Las Vegas regulations, rules, payouts, and wager specifics shall apply.
  • All action is “Posted Up” meaning Players must make a deposit to wager and there is absolutely no betting on credit.
  • Any and all sporting events that are rescheduled or postponed more than twelve hours will result in any wagers being ruled “No Action” and all funds will be allocated accordingly.
  • Any and all wagers need to be placed before any event or game starts. Any action that takes place after the actual start times for the events in question will not be accepted or ruled null and void.
  • It is the prerogative and right of RealBet to limit the amount wagered by any account at any time. It is not allowed for Players to have more than one account and/or to make multiple bets with the intention of circumventing posted Betting Limits. Should any accounts be found to be engaging in such behaviour, RealBet has the right to cancel and void any such wagers as it sees fit.
  • Should there be any funds obtained by an error in grading or settlement or otherwise, it is then the responsibility of the Player to alert RealBet of such an error. If any subsequent wagers are made off of any monies obtained in error then those wagers and any winnings will be ruled null and void. RealBet also reserves the right to rectify any such errors and unilaterally make the appropriate account adjustments as required.
  • RealBet is not required to recognize overturned results, score changes, paused contests, and protests to governing bodies and the like when determining bet settlement.
  • All wagers made on RealBet receive a unique bet ID number which means that the wager has been inputted into the system and is valid. A confirmation will also be issued and will appear on the screen and be sent via email. Without a unique bet ID number any wager will not be considered valid.
  • When a wager has been inputted into the system and has received an unique bet ID number it may not be cancelled by a Player or by RealBet management, unless it is the result of a technical issue or an administrative mistake.
  • RealBet strives to ensure that all the information and lines on RealBet are accurate and up-to-date. Any obvious errors in information or lines on the website will result in monies being refunded and the wagers voided. Players will need to make another wager and one will not be automatically re-entered for them.
  • and the RealBet Sportsbook are intended for the use of recreational bettors solely. Should any account holder(s) be determined to be involved in syndicate or professional wagering, RealBet has the prerogative to close any accounts that it feels are violating both the general Terms of Service and the Sportsbook Terms and Conditions. RealBet reserves the final right to take whatever course of action it feels appropriate in these situations.
  • Players are responsible for all aspects of their wagers and must review them thoroughly before placing them in the system. RealBet will not cancel, amend or alter any wagers once they have inputted into the system and have received a unique Bet ID number.
  • Wins and Losses are official after:
    • NCAA and NFL Football - 55 minutes of play
    • NBA Basketball - 43 minutes of play
    • NCAA Basketball - 35 minutes of play
    • NHL Hockey - 55 minutes of play
    • All other sporting events - 55 minutes of play
    • When wagering on Totals all Overtime periods, quarters, and extra innings are counted in the final score.
    • Overtime periods are included on Second Half wagers.
    • Other Sports: All other contests that involve a scheduled length of play or time limit must play to their conclusion or have five minutes or less of the scheduled playing time remaining when the contest concludes to be considered official for wagering purposes.
    • RealBet will not accept any Parlay wagers that are determined to be “Connected”. If one wager is that Serena Williams will win her quarter finals match at the U.S. Open, it cannot therefore be parlayed with a second wager that Serena Williams will win the U.S. Open as the two wagers are determined to be “Connected”. Another example of a “Connected” parlay would that a Player may not parlay the Under on a First Half Total wager with the Under Total for the same basketball game.
    • Should a contest result in a “Dead Heat” or Tie in which a Tie was not selected then all the wager amounts would be divided by the number of “Dead Heats” and that portion paid out at full odds. The remaining portion of each wager amount would be lost. So, should there be a 4 way Tie or “Dead Heat” then all wager amounts would be divided by 4 and that amount would be paid out at the odds specified when the wager was placed. The remaining ¾ of the wager amount would be graded a loss.

Football and Basketball Specific Rules

  • The entire First Half of a game must be played for all First Half wagers to have Action.
  • All extra time/Overtime is counted and affects Second Half wagers.

Hockey Specific Rules

  • All extra time/Overtime periods count towards whole game wagers.
  • In a shootout only one goal is awarded to the team that wins the shootout, and only one goal is added to the score of the game irrespective of how many shootout goals are scored.

Baseball Specific Rules

  • All MLB baseball games will be considered official after 5 innings have been played or after 4.5 innings have been played and the home team is ahead in runs. If a game is subsequently called or suspended, the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning unless the home team ties the score or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning. Then the winner will be determined by the score at the time the game is called. For all Runline or Total wagers 9 regulation innings need to be played or 8.5 innings if the home team is ahead in runs. If not, all bets will be declared “No Action” and wager amounts returned accordingly.
  • Certain baseball wagers are based on the “Listed” or specific pitchers starting the game. If a “Listed” pitcher does not end up starting a baseball game then the following wagers are considered “No Action” and your funds are returned to your account.
    • Totals
    • Runlines
    • Proposition (Prop) Bets
    • 5 Inning Bets
  • All full game Moneyline wagers will be considered active if pitchers have not been “listed” and there are any pitching changes.
  • If both pitchers are “listed” in a full game Moneyline wager and they do not start then all wagers will be considered “No Action”.
  • If you have a full game Moneyline wager with a “listed” pitcher and that pitcher does not start then the game will be considered “No Action” and your funds returned. If the pitcher on the opposite team was not “listed” then your Moneyline wager will still have “Action”.
  • For all wagers a “starting pitcher” is any pitcher that throws out the first pitch of the baseball game for their team.
  • For all bets to have “Action” on any Baseball Series there must be 3 full games played by the end of the specified date for the series. If 3 full games have not been completed then all wagers are considered “No Action”.
  • All Proposition (Prop) bets for baseball need the game to go a full 9 innings, or 8.5 innings if the home team is ahead, unless they are not “full game” prop bets. If “full game” prop bets do not go 9 innings, or 8.5 if the home team is ahead, they will be considered “No Action”.
  • Any Proposition (prop) bets on Which Team Scores First require “Listed” pitchers to start to have “Action”.
  • 1st 5-Inning Line bets are settled when both teams have completed the 5th inning. For this wager to have “Action” all “Listed” pitchers must start.
  • Any Score in the 1st Inning Wagers will be settled at the conclusion of the 1st inning irrespective of what happens in the remainder of the game and “Listed” pitchers must start.
  • All baseball Proposition (Prop) wagers such “1st”prop wagers will be graded in real time and will be understood to be official. This would include 1st pitch being a strike, ball, foul or hit, the 1st hit being a single, double, triple, or home run, and so forth. Additional baseball Prop Bets that have runlines and totals will be settled in exactly the same way as standard baseball bets on runlines and totals.

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

  • For Boxing wagers to have “Action” all fights must take place within 7 days of the scheduled fight date.
  • For both Boxing and MMA a “round” is not considered completed until the official signal that the round has concluded e.g. the ringing of the bell. If the fight is stopped prior to that official signal then the last full round will be used for wager settlement purposes.
  • Should there be a change to the number of scheduled rounds in a contest then these wagers are still valid and have “Action”- “Fight Winner”, “Fighter Wins by Decision”, “TKO”, “KO” and “Draw”. If more scheduled rounds are added than initially listed then “Fight Totals” and “Will Go – Won’t Go” wagers will still be valid have “Action”.
  • All the following prop wagers will be graded “No Action” if the number of scheduled rounds are changed or the number of rounds is inaccurate and later changed: “Exact Round of Ending”, “Fighter to Win Inside of Distance”, or “Fighter Goes Distance”.
  • Any fight results are not considered final for wager settlement purposes until the result is announced by the official governing body’s representatives at the fight. Until then any statement of results, including by the ring announcer, are not considered official.
  • Any results subsequently overturned on appeal, lawsuit, suspension, or by any other official and unofficial manner will not affect any previous wager settlements, and RealBet reserves final say in all such matters.


  • All golfers listed in Match Up betting must tee off for wagers to have “Action”. The golfer that finishes the most holes wins the wager. The golfer with the lowest score will win should the number of holes finished be tied. Should there still be a tie then the golfer that had the lowest score in the previous round will be the winner (going back as far as needed). If it is during a playoff then the winner of the playoff wins the Match Up bet and all other golfers in the playoff are recognized as being tied.
  • The official result as given by the governing golf body for that event will be used for grading wagers if weather or other conditions affect or shorten a tournament. Any wagers placed after a delay will be cancelled should play not resume and the tournament officially ends.
  • All bets related to Single Day Match Ups are limited to that specific day and those 18 holes and will not include any make up holes from the day before. The full 18 holes must be completed by both listed golfers in the match up or all bets will be cancelled. In the event of that day’s round being affected by weather or other conditions, all 18 holes must be played regardless if played over more than one day. The Single Day Match Up bets will be graded as “No Action” should both players end the 18 holes tied at the same score.


  • Soccer games will be graded after 90 minutes of play plus whatever time officials may add for Injuries and Stoppages. All other additional play such as Golden Goals, Penalty Shoot Outs, and Extra Time do not affect the settlement of the game.
  • Asian Handicapping uses the same point spread system as American sports.
  • “First Goalscorer” wagers will be cancelled and funds returned to accounts if that soccer player does not play or enters the game after the first goal has been scored. “Last Goalscorer” wagers will be cancelled if that soccer player does not play or enters the game as a substitution.
  • All wagers will be cancelled if a soccer game is postponed or halted before finishing. The exception to this would be wagers that may have already been settled such as “First Team to Score” if a goal has taken place prior to the match interruption.
  • All wagers will be considered “Action” if the location of a soccer game is changed with the exception of the game being moved to the original Away Team’s home grounds. In this case all wagers would be cancelled and funds appropriately returned.


  • Any matches that are delayed, shortened, or affected by weather will be regulated by the official rules of competition.


  • Any wagers on a rugby game will be cancelled and funds returned should the match be postponed or abandoned. The exception will be any wagers that have already been settled such as “First Team to Score” if points have already been scored prior to the match stopping.
  • All wagers will be considered “Action” if the location of a rugby game is changed with the exception of the game being moved to the original Away Team’s home grounds. In this case all wagers would be cancelled and funds appropriately returned.


  • Tennis matches must go two full sets with neither player being disqualified or retiring for bets to be valid. All wagers will be cancelled should a tennis match not go two full sets. All wagers will continue to be “Action” if there is: a change of venue, a change of playing surface, a change from indoor to outdoor courts or outdoor to indoor courts.
  • All Head to Head match wagers will continue to have “Action”, regardless of weather delays or any other issues, until the match is finished.
  • A “Field” wager is a bet on any player not specifically listed winning the tournament. The wager will be a winner if the player that wins the tennis tournament is not specifically listed by name.


  • All Motorsport races need to take place within 7 days of the original scheduled date for wagers to have “Action”.
  • All Outright Championship wagers have “Action” even if the driver or race team that is being wagered on does not start the race.
  • In any Match Up wagers both drivers will need to start the race for the wager to have “Action”. All race results are unofficial until a winner is announced by the officials of the motorsport’s governing body. The signal to start the Warm Up lap is considered the official start of the race for wagering purposes.

Live Betting Rules

  • If any scheduled event, or line within an event, has incorrect or erroneous information RealBet may cancel all and any wagers at their discretion.
  • Players are responsible for any wagers incorrectly or accidentally placed.
  • RealBet will cancel and refund all wagers that have been made after a line is “Past Post”, an event has started, or a line has expired.
  • RealBet at its discretion may pause Live Betting on an event should the nature of the game action make it impossible to properly administer wagering.
  • Should there arise an occasion where wagering has taken place on an event in which the bettor is suspected to be privy to prior information so as to have an unfair advantage, then RealBet reserves the right to grade as “No Action” all such wagers.