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Best Baseball Picks are Live at RealBet.euThe best baseball picks are often the ones that anticipate where a team will be at the end of the season and not about where they are at the moment. When it comes to MLB Future bet odds, the key is to try and view the entire year as one big wager. Why bother with MLB Future bets? Because often they are the best baseball picks to get serious odds on for big paydays down the road.

Hyperbole aside, the 2017 MLB season has been a mixed bag for bettors. I haven’t dipped my toe too far in the MLB pool as of yet as I have been preoccupied with NBA and NHL playoffs for the most part. In addition, I like the needlessly long baseball season to be well underway so as to make my handicapping more accurate. For today, let’s take a look at the best baseball picks when it comes to MLB Future bets for the American League.

Best Baseball Picks – American League Odds

When it comes to winning the American League pennant this year the odds fall pretty much where you would expect them to. The Houston Astros sit atop the league after getting off to a sizzling 32-16 start, and so are a lean +225 to win the AL. This is way too small of a price when we aren’t even a third of a way through the 162 game season, so I would recommend avoiding this one.

I like the New York Yankees at +650 to be AL champs a lot more- and make no mistake the pinstripes are finding their groove again. With deep pockets and a series of uber talented rookies like Aroldis Chapman, Aaron Judge, and Greg Bird the Yankees are going to be ascendant once again. If they gel this year they could very well take the AL.

Normally we should be talking about the Cleveland Indians given that they almost won the World Series of Baseball last year, but the Wahoos are off to a tepid start. At 24-21 they may well be out of the running but again it is a long season- however at +350 there is simply no value there. Same goes for the Boston Red Sox at +450 as there just isn’t any juice to be squeezed out of those MLB future bet odds.

MLB Betting Online – Baseball Future Wagers

Look instead at teams like the Minnesota Twins who are leading the AL Central and who are currently considered longshots at +2200. Although the Twins may not win the AL, you cannot go wrong with those odds as there is a ton of value there. Lay them off at the end of the season and most likely there is some nice profit there.

Odds To Win the 2017 World Series – American League

For the most part there is strong correlation between the odds for winning the American League and the odds for winning the World Series. The Houston Astros slightly edge out the Chicago Cubs for first place honors at +450 which is just not a plausible bet.

The Minnesota Twins are a healthy +4500 to win it all which makes more sense, and the New York Yankees are at +1200. I don’t hate the odds on New York but think that the Red Sox at +800 is a bit lean. I must admit I like the Yankees and the Twins in the American League for the sake of pure value. Take the Astros as your cover bet and hope to freeroll on everyone else.

We will take a look at the much more interesting and talented National League future odds in our next best baseball picks article. There is much more intrigue there and I think a little more opportunity for profit. The good news about baseball is that there is still over 100 MLB games to bet on which means you will always have action.

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