Betting on the 2015 World Series of Baseball

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2015 World Series of Baseball

Who should I be betting on to win the 2015 World Series of Baseball between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets? It is a question I have been asked a bunch this week as friends and family are gearing up to bet the MLB championship online. To be honest I thought that it would be the Toronto Blue Jays, but given that is now a historical impossibility I am leaning strongly towards the Kansas City Royals.

Betting on Starting Pitching Is Usually Sound – Not This Time

Against most teams in baseball you would pick the New York Mets starting pitching staff to be the dominant factor in winning the 2015 World Series. In virtually every match up the combination of Matt Harvey and Jacob DeGrom would cause the best hitting teams to shake in their cleats- not the Royals however. The Royals have demonstrated time and again that they can hit against the best pitching teams in baseball and get on base. Their offence has been called relentless for a good reason, and they are going to be very tough to shut down.

The Best Offense is the Best Offense – I Think Yogi Berra Said That

As discussed above, expect the Kansas City Royals to out hit and out grind the New York Mets on the bases. Pretty much every Royal can hit and gut it out, and they proved that by outscoring the Toronto Blue Jays which is no small feat. With the likes of Eric Hosmer, Alcides Escobar, and Kendrys Morales, the Royals can take on the superb Met pitching and prevail. The Mets have good hitting of course and you don’t get to the World Series by not being able to pound balls. However, even with the inspired heroics of Daniel Murphy and the generational talent that is Yoenis Cespedes, the Mets offense won’t be able to stay level with the Royals.

Betting on Defense in Baseball is Underrated

As the Texas Rangers’ game 5 late innings collapse against the Toronto Blue Jays demonstrated, you can win or lose important games with defense. Their three unforced errors opened the door that ended the Rangers season, and it could be a factor in the 2015 World Series. Once again, it is the Kansas City Royals who come out on top here as they are on pace for a record setting defensive year. This has been highlighted by the trio of Salvador Perez, Eric Hosmer, and Alex Gordon winning Golden Glove awards. Add in Lorenzo Cain who should have won a Golden Glove and you have an All Star defense. If you are betting on defense, then bet on Kansas City.

Betting on the Kansas City Royals is the Smart Play

In summary it will be hard to beat the Kansas City Royals on paper, but of course what happens on the field is another matter. It is one thing to be the best team on paper, and it is another thing to hoist the awkward looking and somewhat ugly MLB World Series trophy over your head. That being said, it seems like a good idea to bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the 2015 World Series of Baseball.

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