Spring Training Lines – MLB Betting Odds

Spring Training Lines are Live at RealBet.eu
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Spring Training Lines are Live at RealBet.euIt may seem funny to bet on baseball Spring Training lines but I assure that there can be some value in doing so. Make no mistake, it is an absolute crapshoot for most games- but on occasion there can be some smart baseball betting picks to be made. Let’s take a look at some guidelines to betting on Spring Training lines.

Spring Training Lines – MLB Over Under Betting

Well this is going to be a pretty straightforward tip. Be prepared for the possibility that there may not be O/U odds on every game. This is due to pretty obvious reasons involving primarily pitching. In Spring Training pitchers will be throwing on short counts, there will be tons of pitching changes so managers can assess the talent, and there will be a whole host of rookie and unknown pitchers that nobody knows how to handicap etc etc.

Spring training also favors hitters for mostly the same reasons as above and so it is not uncommon to see outlandish scores. The Toronto Blue Jays just beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 12-0 after losing 2-1 to the same team the night before. Not impossible in the regular season of course, but much more likely in spring training. So don’t take it personally if there is no over under line on the game you want to bet!

Baseball Point Spread Odds – MLB Wagers

Like Over Under lines, you may also notice a lack of MLB Pointspread odds on some games. This will be for many of the same reasons as why there may not be baseball Total lines on some games. Again, pitching is such a key factor in how bookies handicap regular season mlb pointspreads that it is virtually impossible to put together any kind of meaningful spread on the game. This does’t mean you won’t see baseball run line odds, but rather don’t be surprised if you don’t.

Spring Training Betting – Baseball Moneyline Betting

One Spring Training betting line you can count on seeing is the baseball Moneyline odds. But the money lines you typically see during Spring Training are not what you might expect to see during the regular season. Usually you will see one team at Even odds and one team as a small favorite at say something like -120 or -130. What this essentially means is that the sportsbook is putting up a line that is easy for them to handicap any money movement on. It is less about any kind of team strength analysis, and really about offering lines while not getting hammered one way or the other.

At the end of the day Spring Training betting is more about having some fun placing a few baseball wagers, then it is about serious handicapping. However- good teams are often priced at a discount e.g. -120- or -130 so look for spots where teams with a lot of regular starters are playing teams in transition or who have made lots of moves. Conversely, look for established dogs to do well against favorites that are rebuilding etc. In a nutshell, the team that arrives at Spring Training with the most long standing established squad is usually the favorite.

When in doubt, bet Spring Training for fun and to scope out spots for regular season action. And get some rest- as very soon an impossibly long MLB schedule will be here to ensure that you will never have a sports free TV day again for the next eight months.

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