2017 NBA Championship Futures – Free Picks

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Talking about 2017 NBA Championship Future picks may seem a touch premature, but getting in on the action early can make you some nice profit down the road. As it stands, LeBron and Co. just overcame insurmountable odds and will head into the 2017 NBA season with the envious moniker of “defending champions”. But being the champs doesn’t guarantee you the favorite status heading into the season – that belongs once again to the Golden State Warriors.

Surprised? Well, it makes sense from a handicapper’s point of view and let’s take a look at the odds and provide some quick analysis on the key numbers.

2017 NBA Championship Futures

Golden State Warriors +250 Cleveland Cavaliers +300
San Antonio Spurs +800 Oklahoma City Thunder +500
Boston Celtics +2,500 Los Angeles Clippers +1,800
Atlanta Hawks +4,000 Chicago Bulls +4,000
Houston Rockets +5,000 Minnesota Timberwolves +3,500
New Orleans Pelicans +5,000 Portland Trail Blazers +6,000
Charlotte Hornets +6,000 Los Angeles Lakers +5,000
Memphis Grizzlies +6,000 Utah Jazz +8,000
Dallas Mavericks +8,000 Denver Nuggets +10,000
Detroit Pistons +10,000 Indiana Pacers +5,000
Milwaukee Bucks +10,000 New York Knicks +5,000
Orlando Magic +20,000 Philadelphia 76ers +10,000
Sacramento Kings +10,000 Washington Wizards +10,000
Phoenix Suns +20,000 Brooklyn Nets +25,000


2017 NBA Championship Futures – Favorites and Kevin Durant

As you can see the top 4 teams are head and shoulders above the rest. Golden State at +250 paces the way followed closely by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Oklahoma Thunder.

The biggest wildcard here is Kevin Durant’s free agency as he’s linked to Oklahoma, Golden State, and San Antonio- wherever he signs will impact these odds immeasurably. If he signs with the Warriors as many suspect, the Thunder will fall out of the top 10 and Golden State’s odds will most likely drop down to the -250 neighborhood.

2017 NBA Futures Betting – Previews and Picks

The Indiana Pacers, the Detroit Pistons, and the Charlotte Hornets all made the playoffs last year but sit at +10,000, +5000, and +6000 to win the title respectively. The Chicago Bulls and the Minnesota Timberwolves, both who missed the playoffs, sit at +4000 and +3500 respectively. The Bulls and T-Wolves are both looking to tinker with their rosters this offseason, but neither looks like a title contender let alone a playoff contender at this point.

2017 NBA Championship Future Picks – Free Agency

As mentioned earlier, free agency will have a major impact on these odds. Kevin Durant’s signature in particular will throw the top portion of these odds out of whack so there is a potential to get some extra value now. Other quality players – Dwight Howard, Mike Conley, Harrison Barnes – are all also free agents and could leave their current playoff teams for contenders. There may be more value prior to free agency, but the risk is much greater so hence the trade off. That’s why betting on futures is fun and good luck!

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