2018 Basketball Futures – Betting Odds

2018 Basketball Futures are Live at RealBet.eu
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2018 Basketball Futures are Live at RealBet.euIt may seem odd to talk about 2018 Basketball Futures in July but as any good bettor knows it is best to get your picks in early. Sure a lot can change as the season gets closer, but that favors the bettor just as much as the bookie. Let’s start by taking a look at the Western Conference.

When it comes to 2018 basketball futures in the West there are a couple of things to keep in mind. In no particular order they are big trades, injuries/aging, and whether anyone really has a chance against the Golden State Warriors. I say that half in jest but there is a real grain of truth to it. After going 16-1 in the playoffs and finals on the way to another NBA Championship, it is a real possibility GSW repeats.

2018 Basketball Futures – NBA Betting

So let’s start breaking down 2018 basketball futures by looking at who could possibly beat the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. Barring injury to several of the Warriors all at once, it is hard to imagine them not making the post season. Golden State is currently a staggering -220 favorite to repeat as NBA Champions in 2018 which is absolutely unheard of in futures odds. Of course the Western Conference is where the Warriors will face the majority of their opponents on the way to the NBA Finals.

NBA Future Bets – Western Conference

GSW’s main opposition will be the usual suspects: the Oklahoma City Thunder, the San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets, and the Los Angeles Clippers. You can rest assured that all the teams in the Western Conference are trading and drafting as furiously as possible in a desperate attempt to have a shot at derailing the Golden State Warriors.

The Houston Rockets looked impressive last year and James Harden could be turning into the elite level impact player that he seems born to be. Although the Rockets got beat by the San Antonio Spurs in the semis, there seems to be a sense of destiny around the Rockets. I think they will do even better this year and at +1900 they may just be worth a flutter.

San Antonio Spurs Odds – Future Betting

The bookmakers currently give the San Antonio Spurs the second best chance at winning with a long +2400. The Spurs are in the midst of a rebuilding effort with the retirement of Tim Duncan and the aging/injured Tony Parker. Phenom Kawhi Leonard is already a leader but will need support and guidance to take the Spurs back to the championship level. Count of Hall of Fame coach Gregg Popovich to work magic again this year. However, will it be enough to stop the Warriors? Almost certainly not although the Spurs are not alone in that category.

Oklahoma City Thunder Futures – NBA Betting

Well, it is hard to blame Kevin Durant for wanting a championship and it worked out perfectly for him last year. In fact, he is probably looking at another three or four if he and Steph Curry stay healthy. However, if you are Russell Westbrook or a resident of the Sooner State you are allowed to blame Kevin Durant for pretty much everything. The Thunder have upgraded with the addition of Paul George from the Indiana Pacers but will that be enough? Certainly it will plug some of the hole left by Durant but I don’t see if making them a championship contender. Oklahoma are a long +4500 to take home the hardware at the end of the season.

Betting On Basketball Futures – Los Angeles Clippers

With team leader and All Star Blake Griffin re-signed for 5 years the Los Angeles Clippers are breathing easier. In addition the Clippers signed forward Danilo Gallinari from the Denver Nuggets to bolster the squad. You could argue that the Clippers had a good year last season but it still wasn’t enough to get deep into the playoffs. The Clippers are a very long +8000 to be NBA Champs and I think there is no realistic value here.

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