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Basketball Betting Playoff Picks at RealBet.euThe performance of my basketball betting playoff picks has been pretty rock solid through the NBA playoffs. As mentioned in my last article on basketball wagering, the NBA has a real parity problem when it comes to the quality of their league at the moment. With the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference going 8-0 in their first two series, and the Cleveland Cavaliers doing the same in the Eastern Conference, it hasn’t really been a “whodunnit” in terms of surprises.

The trick this season, and for the foreseeable next few seasons, will be in making money online betting in whatever games GSW and the Cavs are in. The Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards are generating some decent drama in their series which is tied 2-2 but the lines have been tight. The Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs are deciding their fifth game tonight, and it has been insanely profitable betting against the spread in this series with each team taking turns blowing each other out. Let’s take a look at the Eastern Conference first.

Basketball Betting Playoff Picks – Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics

This is going to be a fairly short paragraph as will the one where I postulate the Washington Wizards as LeBron’s next competition. Take Cleveland in the series and the good news is that the odds shouldn’t be as insane as they were in the first two rounds. Take Cleveland in every home game on the moneyline. Take Boston at home with the pointspread. Cavs win the series 4-2. When it comes to basketball betting playoff picks it doesn’t get much more straight forward.

Betting NBA Playoffs – Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards

Same idea except take the Washington Wizards on only one home game spread. Take Cleveland to win the series and if you are betting on the exact number of wins take 4-1. Why? I think the Celtics play Cleveland tougher and present a little more of a road block. Either way, neither the Celtics or the Wizards are advancing to the 2017 NBA Finals so cross them off from your basketball betting playoff picks.

Eastern Conference Picks – Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards

Ok, this series has turned ugly. Well competitive at any rate, and I will take that because otherwise it has been a bit too polite a NBA playoffs for my liking. So Boston takes the first two games at home, and the Wizards even it up by winning their home games. In short, neither is a dominant team. This one can easily go seven games and I couldn’t tell you who wins it. The series price is -160 for the Celtics, which I find a bit surprising, with the Wizards +130 dogs. My heart say the Celtics win this one- but my head sure likes the +130 dog series price.

Ultimately, we have been spoiled by LeBron James and Steph Curry– seriously. When teams have to scrape and fight their way through a seven game series we now think of them as “untalented”. They aren’t, but with generational superstars in GSW and Cleveland it just looks that way. Either way, we are just trying to scratch out a few bucks before the inevitable NBA Final Series that we all know is coming. Don’t forget to check out 1st Half and Second Half Lines when it comes to Cleveland as discussed in last week’s Eastern Conference update.

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