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Basketball Betting Preview at RealBet.euMy basketball betting preview is now going to become a more regular thing with the conclusion of the football season. Smart NBA picks can be an excellent way to make money, and certain aspects of basketball can be highly predictable. So let’s take a look at some hoops lines and odds as a way of illustrating some core online basketball betting tips.

Basketball Betting Preview – Moneylines

NBA moneyline wagers function exactly the same as football, baseball, or hockey moneylines. The trick to betting basketball money lines profitably is keep on top of injury reports and track travel schedules. Remember, online sportsbooks use odds to reflect the disparate strengths of teams, but also to balance the influx of money. What this means is that at times the lines are pushed offside by the money flow, and this is where betting the ML becomes a smart wager.

NBA Moneyline – Picks and Tips

In basketball betting previews, you want to look for teams with healthy starters playing home stretches. This of course is factored into MLs, but again the bookmakers can’t always make the lines reflect the actual team vs. team odds. It gets even better when the road team is favored to win, although I typically avoid betting against big favorites on the moneyline as I prefer to do that with a pointspread bet. So, a perfect scenario is a healthy home team in the middle of a home stretch playing against a favored road team in the middle of an away schedule (preferably with a injury or two).

Remember, you are not so much betting against the bookies as against the square betting public. Count on them to bet road favorites out of habit when travel and injury are affecting their level of play. This in turn will ensure you have better odds.

Betting on Basketball – Point Spread Betting

Typically if I am going to bet against favored teams, whether they are at home or on the road, I will look at the pointspread line as opposed to the Money Line. There are a couple of reasons for this, but primarily when betting against the “better” team it is nice to have some wiggle room in terms of points.

Again look for pointspread odds that are being pushed by the money away from accurate odds. This is typically when the betting public lands heavily on big favorites e.g. top tier teams like the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Toronto Raptors etc. Take a close look at any of these teams that are on the road and perhaps suffering from injuries. Strong rested home dogs will do well on the Point Spread in these situations.

Basketball Betting Tips – Over Under Odds

And lastly in my basketball betting preview, we take a look at the Over Under. When betting NBA Totals I look at both injuries and travel schedules as they will contribute to lower total combined scores. Tired and injured teams score fewer points which makes senses. As well this can be a great way to bet a game in which there is a huge favorite playing against a defensively talented but lesser team. The fave still wins, and probably covers the spread, but may well not score as many points as they usually do.

And lastly in our basketball betting preview, I find typically that Totals are less influenced by square bettors as they tend to go more for pointspreads and moneylines. If they do bet Totals though, they tend to pick the Over more often which means the bookies have to move the line out to get more money on the Under to balance it. This can be a great spot to make smart value bets on Unders that are getting more points than they should.

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