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Betting Picks NBA at RealBet.euFinding decent betting picks nba style can be tough and I am very discerning about which sources I use. Ultimately, I predominately use my own handicapping when it comes to basketball and I do alright. I thought I would take a break from being a football analyst for a while, despite my recent incredible success, and take a look at some B-ball bets.

Betting Picks NBA- Eastern Conference

Defending champions the Cleveland Cavaliers are off to the start everyone thought they would be at 13-2. Led by King James, the Cavs are looking even better this year and could very well be the real favorite to win the NBA Championship regardless of what the public thinks. The Cavs are -7.5 point spread faves over the Milwaukee Bucks in tonight’s tilt in Wisconsin.

The Toronto Raptors are looking very solid this year in terms of all things betting picks NBA. With the key offseason signing of team leader and scoring phenom DeMar DeRozan, the Raptors have made a commitment to another deep playoff run and are a respectable 11-6.

When the Charlotte Hornets returned to earth after their crazy run, it became a shootout between the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics for third place in the Eastern Conference. Both teams are young and hungry and serious contenders. Don’t be afraid to look at Basketball Future bets for these teams as they could surprise this year and pay off at a great price.

Betting Picks NBA – Western Conference

If the East looks strong then the Western Conference looks like it is on steroids. With the addition of Kevin Durant in the off season, the Golden State Warriors look insanely good at 16-2. Ironically the knock is that the addition of Durant has weakened their defense somewhat, but they sure make up for it in scoring. Look for GSW to be in the semi-finals at the very least, and most likely the NBA finals.

Not giving the Warriors any breathing room are perennial contenders the San Antonio Spurs. Even without five time NBA Champion, all around nice guy, and the best tall man to play the game in the supersized form of Tim Duncan, the Spurs are tearing up the West with a second best 14-3 record. You can bet on the Spurs tonight as they take on a +12 Orlando Magic.

And rounding out the top 3 in the West are the Blake Griffin fueled LA Clippers. The Clippers are a 14-4 and are looking like a playoff bound team. If Griffin can refrain from punching any more of the Clippers support staff, they have a good shot at making the playoffs and playing spoiler in the West to the likes of GSW. Check the Clipper play tonight as they are -12 pointspread favorites over the Brooklyn Nets.

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