College Basketball Over Under Lines – March Madness Odds

College Basketball Over Under Lines are Live at
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College Basketball Over Under Lines are Live at RealBet.euCollege Basketball Over Under Lines will make smart people feel stupid and the superstitious feel cursed. There is no more fickle, fleeting, and frustrating animal then College Basketball Over Under Lines. The very nature of college sports makes Over Under betting tough, whether it is NCAA basketball or football etc.

Now try handicapping basketball totals in a three week “do or die” winner takes all tournament called 2017 March Madness, and you have a recipe for a nervous breakdown. Teams will clench up and pass the ball around for the entire game out of fear and stage fright resulting in basement O/U totals. Small teams will become roaring lions and push elite teams to compete in scoring frenzies as the Under Over gets blown out of the water. So how do we navigate the rocky shoals known as College basketball Over Under lines?

College Basketball Over Under Lines – Tips

Well as a funny man once said, you navigate them carefully. My first question to myself is always, “why in the name of all that is holy do I want to bet this?” So I advise looking at NCAA basketball moneylines and pointspreads for March Madness betting. These are your smart college betting picks. However, there can be some very good value in Over Under wagers from time to time.

Firstly, take a look at injuries. Sometimes it is an obvious conclusion if a star player is lost- but you won’t find much value as the best online sports books will handicap appropriately. Looks for defensive players with injuries, even if they are still playing, and offensive players with high assist totals. Essentially, look for injuries in the second tier talent of the team! Sportsbooks won’t be able to handicap every player and this is where you can find some value. An offensive passer who is injured will make few passes which means fewer buckets by the scorers. Defensive stalwarts will be slower and not able to react as quickly which means the opposing team will score more.

March Madness Betting Picks – Over Under Wagers

Injuries are a fairly straight forward and an obvious factor to handicapping College basketball over under line picks. Now on to something a little more abstract- momentum. In an action packed and emotionally intense event such as the 2017 March Madness NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, a team’s ability to ride a wave of belief, emotion, and sense of destiny can carry them a long way. 8th ranked teams upset 1st ranked teams, little known conferences become giant conference killers. It has all happened before during March Madness and it will happen again. Look for a team with momentum! Did they win a huge game at the buzzer? Upset a better team? Withstand a spirited challenge from a lesser team? Have any team drama that has pulled the squad together? All of these count. Points and totals can go out the window when confronted with the power of spirit.

Betting On March Madness – Line Analysis

It is important to understand here that I am not only solely referring to betting underdogs. The Villanova Wildcats entered the tournament last year as a top 3 team and never looked back. Also look for experienced big program coaches to make an impact as part of momentum analysis. After a wild shootout victory you can count on an elite coach getting the D back onside. Think hard about an Under wager after a sloppy big scoring win. Conversely, if a big team looked timid and hesitant then you can expect them to be motivated to come out firing. And of course, everyone hopes for a 1989 Seton Hall repeat where the little team rides emotion and belief to the finals.

In my next article we will take a look NCAA March Madness prop bets, as well as updating our College Basketball Futures picks.

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