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Golden State Warriors Odds and Lines at RealBet.euThe Golden State Warriors odds on becoming the first team in NBA history to post a record of 73-9 are looking pretty good. Steph Curry and company are poised to make history at home versus the 42-38 Memphis Grizzlies Wednesday night. Although the Grizzlies are not exactly lighting up the NBA, they will make the playoffs and expect them to give it their best not to become a footnote in Golden State’s record books.

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How do you sum up a season like GSW’s in one sentence? Well, you can start by comparing them to perhaps the greatest NBA dynasty of all time- the Michael Jordan Bulls. It was this same team that went 72-10 in the middle of winning six NBA titles. So that is how good the Warriors’ season has been. Although one could make a convincing argument as to why the Bulls were a better team, such as this iteration of the Warriors only has one championship to date, no one would argue that a record of 73-9 isn’t spectacularly good. This is no fluke team.

Bet on Golden State – Warriors Lines and Odds

There has been much muttering that the Warriors have forever changed the modern NBA game with their focus on 3 point supremacy. Maybe. Take away Steph Curry and would that be true? Not that they don’t have other good outside shooters, Klay Thompson step forward, but it is rather that Steph Curry is that much of a statistical freak. This is the guy who has broken his own NBA three point record multiple times and now has 392 treys on the year with one game left to play. He has already smashed the record of 286 he set in 2015 by a further 106 three pointers. That is absurd and almost unthinkable prior to this year. Steph Curry is that much of a phenom. Every kid on every court around the world is now learning to shoot 3 pointers like Curry. Game changed.

NBA Playoff Betting – Golden State Warriors 2016 NBA Champions

So we all agree Steph Curry is the Second Coming. What about GSW’s chances of repeating as the 2016 NBA Champions? What are the Golden State Warriors odds on hoisting the hardware again this year? Well, the vertically challenged but mathematically inclined geniuses in RealBet’s sports bunker have declared GSW the -175 favorites to win it all. That number is pretty close given how good the Warriors are, but with the San Antonio Spurs at +240 and the Cleveland Cavaliers at +400 there may be value in betting against GSW. The Spurs have been freakishly good this year, and LeBron is LeBron assuming he can turn down his own drama- so don’t discount either of these two teams.

Golden State Warriors Lines – Bonuses and Best Picks

Regardless of what happens tomorrow night, GSW is already in the record books tied with the 95-96 Chicago Bulls for the best NBA season record which is a triumph. Should Curry and team go on to break that record tomorrow night, and win the 2015-16 NBA Championship, then talk of another elite dynasty team may be well founded.

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