NBA Championship Pick – Winning Bets and Odds

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Get your NBA Championship pick down and win big at NBA Championship pick was Golden State winning and I am still leaning that way although Cleveland is giving me reason to look at it again. It doesn’t get better than this for NBA betting, and more games means more money for smart bettors. While I wouldn’t call this series classic basketball from a purist point of view, the betting opportunities have been huge and here is hoping you all made good money so far.

Now it is down to Game 7 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors and nothing is more exciting in sports than do-or-die for the championship.

NBA Championship Pick – Golden State Warriors Win

Ok this is still my pick and try as I might I can’t find enough reasons to change that. Although Cleveland, and LeBron James in particular, have shown up and dominated over the last two games, math and history suggest that Golden State still pulls this out. Coming back from 3-1 down is mathematically difficult despite the Warriors doing exactly that against the Oklahoma Thunder.

At the end of the day, the Cavs beat the Warriors when the Cavs are firing on all cylinders and the Warriors are misfiring. However, Cleveland doesn’t beat Golden State when the Warriors are on fire no matter how well they play. So really, its Golden State’s game and championship to win or lose. It just depends which Warriors team and which Steph Curry show up. I am not sure I like the moneyline at -190 for the Warriors as much as I like the point spread of -4.5 -110 which seems to have a little more value.

Best NBA Championship Odds – Cleveland Cavaliers Win

Given the fact that LeBron and the Cavs did not rollover when down 3-1 says a lot for the make-up of this team. This is most likely the series we should have got last year if Cleveland had been healthy and Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were playing full minutes. The question is, can the Cavs keep it together? They have to bring their A+ game to beat the Warriors particularly for a Game 7 at Oracle Arena. If the Warriors bring their A+ game then I can’t see a scenario where the Cavs win. But if the Warriors aren’t on then betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers at +160 might just be the best winning bet of the NBA postseason.

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