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NBA Future Bets at RealBet.euMy NBA future bets this year will most likely be pretty close to last year’s as not a lot has changed in the NBA. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be opportunities for value NBA future bets, but the bookmakers definitely have the upper hand. Let’s take a look at why that is the case and what NBA future bets might be worthwhile this season.

NBA Future Bets – Winning Picks

Why is it tougher these days to pick winning NBA bets? One word – lack of competitive parity. Ok, maybe that was more than one word but it has one main effect on your pocket book in that it means you have to scramble harder for value. In a league without parity, think back to the Cleveland Cavaliers rolling through the Eastern Conference, bookmakers don’t get put to too many hard tests of their numbers. As such they can pretty much have a clear idea of probable winners.

Basketball Wagers – Future Betting Preview

Now the corollary is that online sportsbooks are also forced into positions that reflect the lack of parity as well. The most typical way that this shows up is that books have to often discount dogs, or over price favorites, to balance all of the action that is coming in on the much better team. This means that you can value shop for good prices on dogs without doing much analysis as books struggle to balance their risk.

NBA Eastern Conference – Cleveland Cavaliers

So what are some NBA future bets that look good this year? Let’s start with the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers. With a record of 1-0 the Cavs are -330 to win the Eastern Conference and +300 to repeat as NBA champs. I think both prices are fair although there isn’t a ton of value there. I like the -330 to win the Eastern Conference better and I think you could bet it hard. Barring an injury to LeBron I think Cleveland is a lock here.

If you are a little leery of -330 then you could take a look at the Boston Celtics at +700 which could be an interesting bet.  If they go deep in the Eastern Conference then you can undoubtedly lay them off for a profit down the road.

Western Conference Betting – Basketball Picks

In terms of the Western Conference you will be hard pressed to take anyone but the Golden State Warriors. I know that the San Antonio Spurs kicked their butt in the first game of the season, and I know the LA Clippers could be good, but Steph Curry and Kevin Durant? It just doesn’t seem fair and over the 82 games of the season they will start to separate themselves once again.

In terms of winning NBA bets however, I am not a fan of GSW’s -175 odds to win the NBA championship. With the Cavs as defending champs at +300, I think the Warriors are way to short on value. Who I actually like is the San Antonio Spurs at +600 to win it all. They will almost certainly finish 1st or 2nd in the Western Conference, meaning that their price will only fall and as such they are perfect for a hedge bet to freeroll on your wager. I think the West is more complicated than the East this year, but as always make sure to do your own handicapping.

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