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NBA Odds Online at RealBet.euWhen it comes to NBA odds online I always like to get in on the action as close to game time as I can- with some caveats. NBA playoff betting in particular tends to increase what I call the public money factor. This is where people who aren’t necessarily knowledgeable about the sport (cousin Carl), or gambling for that matter, get excited and start betting the big favorites to win every game.

Online Basketball Odds – 2017 NBA Playoff Lines

Now don’t get me wrong- favorites are favorites for a reason! But as I have discussed before, public money pushes the NBA odds online out of whack as everyone is trying to bet on the favorite. The pale river elves at sportsbooks like RealBet then have no choice but to try and balance that action by making the favorite team’s odds more and more unappealing.

Weirdly enough this doesn’t usually slow down the “square public”, so much as encourage more saavy online bettors like ourselves to start buying the underdog. I know I have have droned on and on about this subject in my previous playoff posts, but it really bears repeating particularly when talking about huge favored teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, this has been a bit more hit and miss in the first round this year, but it is a solid strategy and should pay more dividends as the playoffs continue. Let’s catch up on where the NBA playoffs stand at the moment.

NBA Odds Online – Cleveland Cavaliers Playoffs

Well as I called it in my Eastern Conference preview, the Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Indiana Pacers. No surprise there of course, but it does show how dialed in LeBron James and company are. Even Kevin Love seems to be fully on board.

The Cavaliers will face the winner of the Toronto Raptors Milwaukee Bucks series, and with respect to both the Raptors and the Bucks it is a foregone conclusion. Either team, and most likely Toronto, could make it interesting e.g. win a couple of games but that will be it. LeBron is headed to the big show- again.

Golden State Warrior Future Bets – NBA Playoffs Betting

As LeBron in the East, so Steph in the West. We seem most likely headed to yet another Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors match up- and let’s face it that is the final that everyone wants to see. When we look at NBA odds online in terms of basketball future bets, the Warriors and the Cavs remain Nos. 1 and 2 respectively.

As anticipated, Golden State and Kevin Durant dismantled the Portland Trail Blazers 4-0 in a series sweep. Again as I discussed in my Western Conference roundup this was anticipated. However, the path through the West is filled with a little more talent than the East so always room for more drama there. It will take a completely amped up San Antonio Spurs team to derail GSW- and judging how they are playing against the Memphis Grizzlies I just don’t see it. However, never say die and the West should be a little closer.

NBA Odds Online – NBA Playoff Contenders

In the rest of the league, some other teams not named James and Curry played. The Boston Celtics find themselves in an old school blood feud with the Chicago Bulls, although the Celtics will gut this one out.

The Toronto Raptors are almost getting beaten by one man from Greece, but again I expect them to pull through. Make no mistake though, everyone in the East is going to get run over by the Cavaliers.

The Houston Rockets looked good against an under powered and Durant-less Oklahoma City Thunder– despite the heroics of Russell Westbrook. 4-1 was the final series tally and I expect Houston to do well moving forward. Same problem though for every other team in the West not called GSW.

Neither the Utah Jazz or the Los Angeles Clippers will do much this year so no need to waste any ink there. Bet on the winner of that match to lose in the next round. As always balance with your own analysis, but basketball handicapping is pretty darn straightforward. Can we fast forward to the finals yet?

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