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NBA Playoff Wagers are Live at RealBet.euNBA playoff wagers always get progressively leaner the deeper you go into the post season. As I mentioned in my last post on NBA playoff wagers, I find basketball betting online in the first two rounds to be about as easy as it gets. With the advent of online sports betting, we can really find lines and odds on anything- and I assure NBA betting is about as straight forward as it gets when it comes to the early playoffs.

However, by the end of Round 2 that starts to tighten up although we are not quite there yet. The challenge becomes finding value and profit in the later rounds, but let’s examine that in more detail in the coming days. For now we can review the remaining games of the second round of the NBA playoffs and determine where we can spot some opportunity. Let’s start with the Eastern Conference.

NBA Playoff Wagers – Cleveland Raptors vs. Toronto Raptors

Until the retirement of LeBron James, or until he decides to grace another team with his presence, the Eastern Conference will most likely belong to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sorry Toronto Raptors, sorry Boston Celtics. It will just be the way it is for the next few years until aging, retirement, or injury catch up with James.

So with that being said I can see the Raptors being swept or close to it. I would suprised if this one goes six games. The challenge of course is betting the tiny edge you get with Cavs’ bets on the series. Currently Cleveland is -1000 to the Raptors +600 to advance to the semifinals.

Oddly enough, I don’t think that is a horrible price! Sure lower would be nice but I have seen worse. Think about parking some of your bankroll here if you can- it is safer than T-Bills and pays a better return in a shorter time.

Although the Cavaliers have done a better job of covering the game pointspreads than I anticipated, they haven’t done as well in covering the First Half point spreads. There might be some value to betting against the Cavs on the First Half spreads and then looking at taking them in the Second Half betting where they tend to cover. As always do your own analysis, but I think this is one way to make money with your NBA Playoff wagers.

Betting Basketball Odds – Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards

I have to admit that I have never liked the team name Washington Wizards as it just isn’t fitting for that city. Wheelers and Dealers would have perhaps been more apropos. At any rate, I don’t think I will have to put much more time into thinking about it as the Boston Celtics will walk away with this one.

Isaiah Thomas had a monster game last night keyed by his family tragedy and I think at this point he is on a mission. The Celtics head to the Beltway for two games against the Wizards, and I expect them to get a split here and head back to Boston up 3-1. The Wizards are -5.5 point spread favorites on Thursday night’s game.

I just looked at the NBA Future bets to see if there was somewhere, anywhere, that I could find some value betting on the Boston Celtics. But every road goes through Cleveland and the value just isn’t there. I think in addition to betting the games, Boston’s -550 series price isn’t bad. I might take a bit of a risk and see if Washington can steal Thursday’s game which in turn will give me a little extra value on taking the Celtics after that. But now or later, this is probably your best Celtics future bet.

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