NBA Playoffs Recap – Basketball Betting Lines

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NBA Playoffs Recap at RealBet.euOur NBA playoffs recap doesn’t contain any big surprises although there have been a few bumpy stretches along the way for some of our contestants. The theme so far in the 2016 NBA playoffs is that good teams win and mediocre teams are, well, mediocre. Let’s take a look at some notable moments since our last recap.

NBA Playoffs Betting – Toronto Raptors Close in 7

The Toronto Raptors were the second best team in the East after LeBron and Co. but didn’t always look it as they took seven games to down the Indiana Pacers. Raptors star players DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry have been extremely inconsistent, and frankly almost cost them the series. However, the Toronto bench made up for them when they were off and the Pacers didn’t have enough team to take advantage. The Raptors face a much better team in the Miami Heat, and expect Dwayne Wade and team to give them a lot of run for their money.

Online Basketball Bonuses – Golden State Warriors Stay Golden

Even without NBA MVP Steph Curry the Golden State Warriors still look like the best team in the league. California’s favorite team dispatched the infighting and dispirited Houston Rockets in 5 games and it never even came close to being a series. Theoretically the Warriors should have a tougher time in the next round, but they are facing the Portland Trail Blazers who ended up beating the Los Angeles Clippers by injury when Chris Paul and Blake Griffin went down. It will be hard to imagine an upset with Golden State already up 2-0 on Portland and Curry anticipated to return in Game 3.

NBA Playoffs Recap – Cleveland Cavaliers Freeze Detroit Pistons

It’s not like anybody thought that the Detroit Pistons would beat LeBron and the Cavaliers, but given their youth and talent the thought was that they would be more competitive. Not so and the Cavs swept them in 4. Their second playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks already has the Cavs up 1-0, and it will most likely be a matter of whether LeBron and team win in 5 or 6.

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