NCAA March Madness Betting Online – 2016 Preview

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NCAA March Madness Betting Online at RealBet.euNCAA March Madness betting online has officially arrived at I will admit that I am in a state of deep depression following the bittersweet ending of the NFL season, but feeling better now that NCAA March Madness betting is just around the corner. It is that rite of Spring fervently followed across the country where the best of college hoops is on display. Even the President has a bracket. 68 teams enter, 1 team leaves. It is about as close as we get to the Thunderdome in college sports outside of actual wrestling I suppose. However, nothing tops the energy and craziness of March Madness so let’s take a closer look!

NCAA March Madness Betting Online – Duke Defending Champs

It was the year of the Duke University Blue Devils in 2015 as the storied program from the Atlantic Coast Conference carried the day by defeating the University of Wisconsin Badgers 68-63. We wrote extensively about the 2015 NCAA Championship game and celebrated the outstanding achievements of coach Mike Krzyzewski in winning a fifth national title with the Blue Devils.

NCAA Basketball Betting Lines – Moneyline, Point Spreads and Totals

But you are only as good as your last gig as they apparently say in the music business, so what does 2016 hold for NCAA March Madness betting online? Well as a first tip, betting on Totals in college basketball is a hazardous affair. There are so many metrics and deep stats for NBA Over/Under bets that can make them a lucrative proposition. However, you just don’t have the same consistency and continuity of play at the college level as you do at the professional level.

Point Spreads work a little better but like college football what do you do with a – 17 point spread? The number can become a bit abstract and ludicrous at the end of the day and you have to make sure that you are good at spotting value- particularly if taking favorites. At the end of the day I am much more comfortable betting Moneylines and price shopping for value- which is why I pretty much always end up back at So take a good look at the price you are getting for the Moneyline. Probably my best piece of advice is to find another game to bet on if none of the lines makes any sense! There is always another game.

2016 NCAA March Madness Winner – University of North Carolina

Favorites this year are the perennial power house programs such as defending NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions the Duke University Blue Devils, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. However, part of the magic and exhilaration of watching March Madness is seeing the non-favorites catch fire and start making improbable runs to the Sweet Sixteen. Think North Carolina State in ’86 and Seton Hall’s fantastic run in ’89, along with a slew of no-name schools busting brackets everywhere by taking out heavily favored teams in the first round. It doesn’t get more exciting than a sudden death tournament! Sort of Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport but with better acting and a more uplifting message.

March Madness Online Betting – Best NCAA Bonuses

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