Boxing Betting Odds – McGregor vs. Mayweather

Boxing Betting Odds are Live at
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Boxing Betting Odds are Live at RealBet.euBoxing betting odds are usually pretty straight forward. You take a look at each fighter’s form over the three or so last fights, compare and contrast their strengths, and then make a reasonable prediction from there. In the fight I am about to discuss, none of these things apply in any meaningful way.

On Saturday, August the 26th there will take place a fight so unusual, so outlandish, and so full of hype that there has been virtually no precedent in the history of boxing betting odds. The fight? Mixed martial artist and UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor will take on multiple boxing title holder Floyd “Money” Mayweather. This fight will not be a title fight, but rather for trash talking bragging rights and an insane amount of money.

Boxing Betting Odds – McGregor vs. Mayweather

I will be delving into all aspects of this fight mainly because of its uniqueness and pure entertainment value. Make no mistake, this will be a carnival of a fight- more like a shark fighting a puma than a boxing match. In a way it is a bit unatural really as boxing and MMA are at best distant cousins. But what brought them together in this most unholy of matrimonys is the oldest story of all- greed.

When your chosen nickname is “Money’ the point may seem a little obvious, but Floyd Mayweather has make a fortune worth hundreds of millions of dollars by knowing what fights people want to see. And in arranging this fight Mayweather claims that he will make 350 million- but that sounds like hype. However, at the very least it looks like he will make over 100 million and after that it just all a bunch of zeroes really. What of course has helped in all of this is that Mayweather is perhaps one of the greatest boxers of all time and holds a sterling 49-0 record. Mayweather has also held titles in five different divisions simultaneously and multiple weight classes.

Boxing Betting Lines – Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor on the other hand has almost no boxing pedigree worth mentioning and has found fame and fortune in the world of mixed martial arts. The diminutive Irishman sped up through the ranks and into a multi year UFC fight contract within five years of becoming a MMA fighter. He also has the distinction of holding two UFC championship belts in different weight classes at the same time. McGregor is currently the UFC Lightweight Champion.

In addition to being a talented, champion UFC fighter, McGregor is also a world class trash talker. In fact, the Irishman has talked himself into a small fortune and according to his own blarney he will make at least 50 million dollars for fighting Mayweather and most likely more. Not a bad payoff for a scrappy Dublin plumbers apprentice!

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather – Boxing Betting Odds

So enough about the bling and more about the bang. In terms of boxing betting odds what are we looking at? Well there is no doubt that Mayweather is the overwhelming favorite. Remember that this will be solely a boxing match with no MMA kicks and holds allowed. As such McGregor loses any advantage from his UFC toolkit while in turn he fights perhaps the best defensive counter puncher in the history of the squared circle.

McGregor vs. Mayweather Odds – Fight Betting Lines

As such it is no surprise that Floyd Mayweather is the heavy favorite when it comes to boxing betting odds. Currently Mayweather is a -550 pick by bookies to win the fight and I can’t say I think they are too far off the money. In fact, I think -550 is a weak line and I plan to jump all over it. McGregor is a +375 under dog which is too generous in my opinion. I would be surprised in fact if McGregor isn’t knocked out within the first five or so rounds.

Regardless of the boxing betting odds I recommend enjoying the heck of out this carnival spectacle. There will also be numerous prop bets associated with fight as well that could be profitable and which I will look at in the next week or so. Get out the malt liquour- this one will be fun!

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