Boxing News – Canada’s New Prime Minister Can Take a Punch

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In boxing news, it appears that the new head of state for our neighbor to the north is a bit of a pugilist. If you know that we are talking about Canada and its new 43 year old photogenic leader Justin Trudeau then congratulations. If you didn’t know then it probably won’t impact your life all that much – but you should get out more.

Who is Justin Trudeau and Why Should I Care?

Justin Trudeau is the head of the Liberal party and was elected with a large majority overthrowing the decade long government of conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Harper, who looks a bit like a zombie accountant minus the blood, was gracious in defeat and was quoted as saying, “arrrghhh fiscal conservatism arrrghhh”. Justin Trudeau seems to be taking a page from the Bush family here in the U.S., as his father, Pierre Trudeau, was a famous Canadian Prime Minister and swordsman.

Trudeau vs Brazeau Charity Boxing Match for Cancer

But back to boxing. In March of 2012 the young Liberal politician challenged a youngish Conservative politician to a boxing match with funds being raised for a cancer charity. Trudeau’s opponent was one Patrick Brazeau, who was heavily favored to win the match. Much like this election however, the Trudeau scion had other plans and staged a come from behind upset. The newest leader of one of the more important countries in the world pummeled his opponent so thoroughly that the referee was forced to declare a TKO – which is saying a lot in a charity fight. This was apparently a sign of things to come.

The Ghost of Drago and Raining Money

So in addition to raising almost $250,000 for cancer research which is always a good thing, the soon to be Prime Minister added substantially to his street cred in the process. Which of course raises the inevitable question, when is his next fight and who is his next opponent? The two opponents that leap to mind are Vlad “The Impaler” Putin and Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Vlad and Floyd’s Boxing Would Be More Like MMA

Both Vlad and Floyd would draw huge TV ratings, although versus the Soviet Prime Minister it would need to be an MMA style contest given his preference for Judo and dirty tricks. The only concern with having Mayweather as an opponent, would be the prospect of waking up the next morning and seeing Floyd as the head of a foreign government with a small, albeit modern army. One shivers.

Nod A Whole Bunch If You Agree – We’d Proudly Be the Sponsoring Online Sportsbook and Casino of Such Matches

RealBet would be proud and honored to be the sponsoring online sportsbook and casino of such a dustup, and all we would require in return would be the bobblehead merchandising rights. The site should be fittingly neutral, so either the UN building in New York or anywhere in Switzerland. Someone call Bob Arum to set it up. Or perhaps it can be a battle royale of Prime Ministers from all countries that have one. The Quickening. There Can Only Be One. Someone call Christopher Lambert as I assume he needs the work.

Regardless of whether any of this comes to pass or not, we would like to take a moment to congratulate both Justin Trudeau and the country of Canada for, well, being democratic. At RealBet we have a love of many things Canadian such as donuts, hockey, hockey, and the surprisingly high amount of Playboy Playmates they seem to have. Oh Canada indeed!

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