Did Manny Pacquiao Defraud the Boxing Public?

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather
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Controversy continues to swirl around Manny Pacquiao and whether or not the Philippino pugilist was actually healthy enough to fight Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on May 2nd in the now sadly monikered “Fight of the Century”.

The Dud of the Century – Pacquiao Needing Many Punches to Counter Mayweather’s Defense Style

In what some wags are now referring to as the “The Dud of the Century”, the fight featured a much less active Pacquiao who strangely threw only 60% of his usual punch total. This despite the fact that trainer Freddie Roach had long been saying that Pacquiao needed a high volume of punches to penetrate Mayweather’s brilliant, if not a little boring, defensive style.

Lawsuits Filed After Bob Arum Brought Up an “Old Injury” in Pacquiao’s Shoulder

However this was clearly not the case, and when after the fight promoter Bob Arum referenced an “old injury” in Pacquiao’s right shoulder, blood was in the water. Given that this fight had captured worldwide public imagination, there was no shortage of disappointed spectators with ready access to lawyers. Lawsuits have been filed in California, Nevada, Illinois, and Texas, alleging Pacquiao should have declared the injury and the fight should have been rescheduled.

Further, lawsuits have been filed against Mayweather and his promotional company along with CBS, HBO, and various media and communications companies with even the most of ephemeral and tenuous of connections to the event. In the world of nuisance class actions even the catering company gets named in the suit.

Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Part Deux Gives Fans a Reason to Believe Again

Mayweather is now talking about a rematch despite explicitly ruling one out in the first fight’s contract. However, given Mayweather’s estimated fight payday of $200 million, it is easy to see where the change of heart may have come from. Here’s hoping Mayweather v.s. Manny Pacquiao Part Deux defies all sophomoric slumps and gives boxing fans a reason to believe again. Injured like Manny? Recuperate in RealBet’s Las Vegas style casino with the best offering of new and classic Slots online!

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