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McGregor Mayweather Odds are Live at
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McGregor Mayweather Odds are Live at RealBet.euI have been following the McGregor Mayweather odds closely and there has been a shift since my last article on this Saturday’s fight. I don’t think that is necessarily unusual particularly given that this is really a bit of a Franken-fight. Pairing a UFC fighter against a traditional boxer is by definition a whimsical undertaking so having boxing betting lines jump around just isn’t surprising.

I am a little suprised though that the McGregor Mayweather odds moved primarily on Floyd “Money” Mayweather. When I wrote about the fight last week, McGregor was +375 and Mayweather was -550. As it stands now, McGregor has come down to +340 and Mayweather is at -480 to win the fight. Let’s take a look at why that might be interesting.

McGregor Mayweather Odds – Betting Boxing Online

What also strikes me as a little curious was how little McGregor’s odds moved compared to Mayweather’s odds. I must admit I expected them to remain steady or go a little further in Mayweather’s favor. As I mentioned last week, I thought -550 is more than a fair bet on Floyd who I expect to dismantle McGregor in under 5 rounds.

Now some of this of course is about the movement of public money. Put simply, McGregor is the betting public favorite. And perhaps not hard to understand why. Although brash and seemingly arrogant, McGregor still comes across as someone you would most likely sit down and have a pint with. You get that most of his antics are a combination of blarney and show business and you don’t really hold it against him. And as the underdog, McGregor automatically gets the “anyone but the champ” vote.

With “Money” Mayweather on the other hand, it seems like it is hard to find something about him to like. Of course his 49-0 record and superb boxing skills generate admiration and respect which is entirely his due. But there seems to be a calculating coldness to Mayweather that makes him hard to like. No doubt some of that is also Mayweather’s public persona and the man is clearly a marketing and promoting genius. But he just doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies!

Online Boxing Odds – McGregor vs. Mayweather

Ok, so are the significant odds movements in the fight just the betting public making the bookies readjust the lines so as to balance the books? Or is there something more to Mayweather’s odds dropping? Is there an injury we don’t know about or has McGregor’s training been underrated?

Well I took some time this morning and scoured the internet for the slightest hint that there may be some hidden wisdom that could change the complexity of this fight. I have to admit though that I haven’t seen or read anything that causes me to believe that McGregor Mayweather odds moving is anything but bookmaker money management.

Best Boxing Odds – Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather

In fact, I think that bookmakers got a bit surprised at how much public money and “square” money came rushing in on UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor. Sure they may be been taking big money bets on Mayweather from serious bettors, but the betting public is clearly going another way and all of those smaller bets add up.

At the end of the day I still think Mayweather wins this fight easily- and in fact I believe he knocks McGregor out. That is entirely the reason that Mayweather asked for 8 ounce gloves instead of the standard 10 ounce mitts. He is absolutely looking to KO McGregor and have the ultimate bragging rights. As such I like Mayweather at +480 a lot as it puts even more money in my pocket!

McGregor Mayweather Prop Bets – Online Sportsbook Betting

I am also going to take Mayweather at -220 to win by KO/TKO/DQ that RealBet is offering. Make sure to check out all the other prop bets on the fight as there is value in betting them. I am also liking the fight going under 9.5 rounds at -170. Remember, the most McGregor usually fights is 5 rounds so he is going to be very tired and low on gas! However you decide to bet this one enjoy the sheer spectacle of it. I may not be betting on McGregor, but I will salute him by drinking a lot of Powers Irish whisky during the fight in his honor.

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