Mega Casino Tycoon Kirk Kerkorian Passes Away Very Wealthy

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Notable legend and casino pioneer Kirk Kerkorian passed away yesterday at the laudably advanced age of 98. Kerkorian was a rags-to-riches story and a true embodiment of the now defunct American Dream. A one-time juvenile delinquent and amateur boxer, Kerkorian parlayed street sense and his connections in the wealthy Armenian-American community into one of the largest casino empires of its day.

From 19 Billion to 4ish Billion, Kerkorian Was Still Richest Man in Beverley Hills

Although recent Las Vegas woes had lessened the tycoon’s bankroll from 19 billion down to 4ish billion, upon his death Kerkorian was still the richest man in Beverly Hills which let’s face it still means something. Having made his first millions in the post-war airline boom, Kerkorian went on to leverage that into acquiring chunks of real estate in Rat Pack era Las Vegas. He then went on to build some of the largest casino and hotel properties of the day including the present day emerald green MGM Grand – and bought and sold the parent company MGM three times. Kerkorian was also a keen investor in “The Talkies” owning part of Columbia Pictures, United Artists, and of course MGM Entertainment.

Kerkorian Saw a Future in Online Casino and Online Sports Gambling Market

It also appeared that Kerkorian was interested in the emerging domestic online casino and online sports gambling markets and was a keen follower of the discussion and debate that is currently ongoing. Like many casino operators, with the exception of Sheldon Adelson, Kerkorian could see the future in online casinos.

Very Generous Donor and Humble – Refused Publicity for His Charitable Acts

To his credit, and probably serving him well in the afterlife, Kerkorian was a generous donor to many charitable causes and repeatedly refused any publicity associated with his beneficence. Further, it appears that he left the vast majority of his estate to charity and as such will no doubt leave the world a little better than he found it. RIP KK.

Kirk Kerkorian, a Mega Casino Tycoon and a Generous Man Will be Missed – The Thrill of Casinos and Online Betting Lives On for a New Generation to Enjoy

Though we are saddened by Kirk Kerkorian‘s passing, we are still connected to him with the love of the game, the thrill of a chance to win and the rush of taking a gamble. Get Las Vegas style casino action in your home with RealBet’s online casino featuring Blackjack, Roulette and the most generous Slots online! Sign up and start playing now.

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