RealBet Holiday Cashback – Sports and Casino Bets

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Holiday Cashback at RealBetIt is Holiday Cashback on Sports and Casino wagers at RealBet. In the spirit of the Season, RealBet is now awarding Player Rewards Points on all Sports action along with our ongoing Casino rewards. Player Rewards Points can then be traded in for Cash anytime you wish and can be used to make wagers or withdrawn right away. Seriously, what is better than getting comped on your action during the holidays?

RealBet Holiday Cashback – How It Works

Here is how it works. Every time you place a bet you will automatically be awarded Player Rewards Points based on the type of wager and the amount of the wager. The more you wager the more points you get. You can choose to either get Real Cash or Free Money (which functions exactly like Bonus Money). If you choose Real Cash you can do bet with it or withdraw it- up to you!

RealBet Cashback – Choose Real Money or Free Money

If you choose Free Money then you will use it in exactly the same way you do Bonus Money. Free Money gets converted to Real Cash every time you bet it. And the best part is that you get the same amount of Free Money for redeeming half the Player Rewards Points as you do to get Real Money. If you are not planning to withdraw your Cashback right away then seriously consider getting Free Money as it could be the better value. For more information on Free Money visit our Help section.

How To Redeem Cashback – It’s Easy

You can then turn your points into Holiday Cashback with the click of a button. Simply go the Player Rewards Page and log in using the same information you do when logging in to RealBet. You will then see your total amount of Player Rewards Points and can choose the level of Cashback that you want. It is that easy.

With all of the new 3D Slot games in the RealBet Casino, and all of the NFL Playoff games and NCAA Bowl games, Cashback will be a welcome holiday reward. And why not? We all deserve to get a little something in our stocking at the end of the year- and it might as well be cash!

Get Your Holiday Cashback – Play Now

The more you play the more Cashback gets paid! Your other Sportsbooks not giving you Cashback? Then create an account with RealBet now and add dollars to your bankroll with our 100% to $500 Sign Up Bonus. Looking to get more action in? Then 20% Reloads to $200 are waiting for you now so you can get back in the action. RealBet Real Cashback.

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