12 Days Of Christmas – Best Reload Bonuses

12 Days of Christmas at RealBet.eu
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12 Days of Christmas at RealBet.euIt is the 12 Days of Christmas at RealBet and they are celebrating by rewarding us all with some great stuff. Today I originally wanted to write something about NCAA Bowl season starting on Saturday, December 17, but I feel it is my duty as an advantage player to let you know about all the free money that RealBet is giving away over the holidays! A big part of being a winning online bettor is to take advantage of all of the free bets, reload bonuses, and special promotions you can as they all add to your bottom line.

12 Days of Christmas – Free NBA and NFL Bets

So what is the RealBet 12 Days of Christmas promotion? Apparently every day from now until the 25th you simply look at the calendar below and get the gift listed, or go to their 12 Days of Christmas page for all the details. I have talked about their great NFL and NBA Free Bets before which are the best freeroll out there for the serious gambler.

Best Reload Bonuses Online – RealBet Christmas Gifts

There are a few different extra big reload bonuses which RealBet is giving away during the 12 Days of Christmas, and I cannot recommend enough that you make sure you account is well stocked through NFL playoffs and NCAA Bowl game season. There is no harm in having a whole bunch of extra bullets especially when you are getting them at a steep discount! The 100% to $500 Reload Bonus on Christmas Day is absolutely unheard of in this business and if you need extra bucks don’t hesitate.

Parlay Bets Online – Teaser Wagers

I just found out about this hidden perk myself and it is a good one for you to keep an eye on. Every Friday between 6-9 pm EST RealBet gives you extra odds, literally extra money, on all of your Parlay bets which is fantastic. If that weren’t enough they are also discounting all 3 Team 10 Point Teasers from -130 to -115 which is huge! Both of these represent ways to beat the bookmakers and put extra money in your pocket. Do a little pre-planning on all of your parlays and teasers to get real savings every Friday.

And there is a bunch more, including a Free Casino tournament with real cash payouts, so take a look at the blurb from RealBet below and get all over this 12 Days of Christmas. Merry Christmas and don’t say I never gave you anything. They also have a pretty astounding 100% to $1000 Sign Up Bonus going on for the holidays if you aren’t already a player which they guarantee- find a better one and they will match it no questions asked. Btw, Bad Santa is the best Christmas movie made not including Die Hard– but I decided to go with naughty here.

RealBet’s 12 Days of Christmas – Naughty Or Nice?

Now through Christmas Day there will be daily gifts under your tree like mega reload bonuses, free casino tournaments, and risk free bets- it doesn’t matter whether you have been naughty or nice!

  • Dec 15 – $10 NBA Free Bet
  • Dec 16 – Parlay and Teaser Special
  • Dec 17 – 50% to $500 NCAA Bowl Game Reload Bonus (promo code XMAS50)
  • Dec 18 – Free Entry Casino Tournament – $100 Prize Pool
  • Dec 19 – $10 NFL Free Bet
  • Dec 20 – Double the Player Rewards Points on Casino Play
  • Dec 21 – 40% to $400 Reload Wednesdays (promo code XMAS40)
  • Dec 22 – $10 NBA Free Bet
  • Dec 23 – Parlay and Teaser Special
  • Dec 24 – 50% to $500 Christmas Eve Reload (promo code EVE50)
  • Dec 25 – 100% to $500 Reload – A Christmas Miracle! (promo code XMAS500)

Additional RealBet Player Perks

  • Industry Best 100% to $1000 Sign Up Bonus- Guaranteed.
  • Unlimited 20% to $200 Reloads – Wednesdays 40% to $400
  • New Live Betting Platform
  • 25% to $300 Refer-a-Friend Bonus
  • Weekly Free NFL and NBA Bets All Season Long
  • Friday Parlay and Teaser Specials
  • NFL 1/2 Juice Wednesdays
  • RealBet Parlay Challenges – Win up to 250K
  • Casino Player Reward Points and Cashback

100% to $1000 Sign Up Bonus

Our industry leading 100% to $1000 Sign Up Bonus is the absolutely the best sportsbook bonus online- and should you find a better one we will match it no questions asked! Can you afford not to play at RealBet?

Unlimited Ongoing Reloads- 20% to 40%

RealBet has the most aggressive reload bonuses online with 20% to $200 all week long and 40% to $400 on Wednesdays! Does your sportsbook give you this much extra cash every time you deposit?

New Live Betting Platform

RealBet is proud to have just launched our new state-of-the-art Live Betting platform that allows you to bet throughout every game in real time. Never miss a bet when you are in the middle of the action with Live Betting!

25% to $300 Refer-a-Friend Bonus

The most generous referral bonus on the market is yours when you tell your friends and family about RealBet. Get 25% to $300 on their first deposit with no limit to how many people you can refer!

Weekly Free NFL and NBA Bets

Take advantage of our weekly $10 Free NFL and NBA bets every Monday and Thursday. There is nothing sweeter than risk free betting!

Friday Parlay and Teaser Specials

We just made it easier to cash in big with our Parlay and Teaser Specials every Friday between 6-9 pm EST. Get extra maximum odds on all of your parlay bets and pay only half the juice on your 3 Team 10 point Teasers!

NFL 1/2 Juice Wednesdays

Every Wednesday from 6-9 pm EST you get all of your NFL bets at half the juice which means more money in your pocket. Why pay retail?

RealBet Parlay Challenges

Our Parlay Challenges are a fun and quick way to make big bucks betting on parlays. Choose from an ongoing and wide range of multi-sport Parlay Challenges which could net you up to $250,000 in cash!

Casino Player Rewards Points and Cashback

Get paid every time you play in the RealBet Casino with our exclusive Player Rewards Points! It doesn’t matter whether you are playing Slots or Blackjack as you will always be earning points. Simply trade in your points for real cash whenever you choose.



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