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dallas cowboys 2016 betting preview
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The 2016 Dallas Cowboys are often called “America’s Team” and for good reason. Despite having several subpar seasons in recent years, the Dallas Cowboys have continued to enjoy huge popularity across the US and around the world. Whether it is the short-shorts legacy of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, or a wistfulness for the likes of Troy Aikman, the Cowboys remain firmly in our football consciousness.

2016 Dallas Cowboys – Picks and Analysis

In a league full of ornery idiosyncratic owners, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones feels no doubt right at home. With his team now worth over 4 billion dollars, and now the most financially valuable team on the planet, Jones must be doing something right one would argue. But it doesn’t seem to be winning that he is doing right. The Cowboys have struggled to make the playoffs most years although had a standout season in 2007. However, the 2016 Dallas Cowboys are a far cry from the team that won three Super Bowls in the 1990’s.

Dallas Cowboys Betting – Online Sportsbooks

In particular, a recent rash of injuries and off season troubles have plagued the Cowboys. Both Tony Romo and standout wide receiver Dez Bryant had major injuries last year and were out for the majority of the season. If both Romo and Bryant can stay healthy then the 2016 Dallas Cowboy’s O should be in good shape, particularly with the addition of talented running back Ezekiel Elliot.

However, the Dallas Cowboys have seen a familiar demon rear its horny head with news that defensive starters Rolando McClain, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Randy Gregory will all be serving multi-game suspensions due to off-field issues including failed drug tests. Seriously, the prison team in the classic football/prison movie “The Longest Yard” would have nothing on your average Cowboys team.

NFL Sportsbook Picks – Dallas Cowboys Bonuses

So with all that being said, the Cowboys hope to have a reasonably healthy offense for the 2016/17 season but will undoubtedly have a comprised defense. The good news for Cowboy fans is that they are in the NFC East Division which is filled with absolutely laughable subpar teams- so they are conceivably still in the running.

However, if Elliot, Romo, or Bryant gets injured then you can pretty much kiss the Cowboy’s season goodbye. And if that is the case, well at least Jerry Jones will still be insanely rich.

Betting on Online Football – Dallas Cowboys Odds

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