2016 NFL Preseason – Football Lines and Odds

2016 NFL Preseason Betting at RealBet.eu
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2016 NFL Preseason Betting at RealBet.euThe 2016 NFL Preseason is finally just around the corner and we are giddy with excitement here at RealBet.eu. Six months without the world’s greatest sport, that’s right soccer you heard me, and one feels like reality no longer makes sense.

2016 NFL Hall of Fame Game – August 7th

But Space Cadet Goodell is once again to the rescue, and with the Hall of Fame preseason game spectacular kicking off August 7th we can all finally rest easy. This year’s HOF contest at Canton will see the Green Bay Packers face off against the Indianapolis Colts. These two teams were picked to honor the inductions of Brett Favre, Marvin Harrison, and Tony Dungy. Not a bad way to kick of the 2016 NFL Preseason.

NFL Week 1 Preseason Schedule – LA Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys

Week 1 of the 2016/17 NFL Preseason officially runs August 11th- 14th and sees the newly reincarnated LA Rams take on the ever optimistic Dallas Cowboys. Other notable games include the sweetest team in football, the Cleveland Browns, helmed by former Washington Redskins QB star Robert Griffin III. This may mark the beginning of a multi-year ascendancy for my hometown Browns (although probably and most likely not).

Handicapping NFL Exhibition Games – Tips and Picks

So Jerry, you ask as one does, what are some smart football bets to make on the NFL Exhibition season? Where is there some juicy value? How do you handicap the earliest football games? Well in short, you don’t. Betting on preseason NFL games is tough as there is just too many unknowns including players and game plays. Coaches are trying out new combinations and routes and it is really all a big experiment. Players are fighting for roles, and rookies are just plain confused. How do you handicap that?

If you are looking to get a little action down for the 2016 NFL Preseason games I don’t blame you- nothing makes the pigskin more fun to watch then having a little bit of money riding on it. Therefore, I recommend some “shiggle” bets in the form of whatever curls your toes. Taking hometown favorites, weird player props, flat out underdogs for big prices etc. Just don’t be upset when they lose, and be happy when they win.

The NFL preseason is all about falling love with the game again which is a sweet but short honeymoon. Then somewhere around mid-season when you cannot pick a winner, everyone on your fantasy team is injured, and when teams kick last minute meaningless field goals to ruin your point spreads, you remember why you divorced your crazy spouse to begin with. Just take a look at some of last year’s NFL blogs to remember that cray cray feeling.

2016 NFL Preseason – Football Research and Analysis

However, the NFL preseason is a great opportunity to start doing some game tape research. You may not find any betting value on the games themselves, but you can gather some good intel on how teams may be performing early in the season. Look for signs of older players slowing down, confused play action on the field, nervous rookies, gaps in Os and Ds, and just a general “feel” how “game day” a team is looking. This is a great way to make some solid profit down the road- by doing the work now. Good luck and may the Point Spread Be With You!

NFL Football Betting – Online Sportsbook Bonuses

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