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Best Football Bets are at RealBet.euThe best football bets are broken into two categories in my opinion. The first kind is the percentage bet in which you look at the different lines, weigh the facts, and then make a calculated smart NFL wager that pays you out more often than true odds would dictate.

The second category is the intuitive bet which is a wager based more on feel that facts. Although it is tempting to dismiss these as superstitious or impulse decisions, years of online sportsbetting  has taught me that there is something to them. Everyone has experienced a version of this- a “gut feeling” about a game where the line just doesn’t feel right or you just “know” who is going to win. They are a lot rarer than percentage bets, but make sure to pay attention to your “sports spidey sense” when it goes off!

Best Football Bets – Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs

So let’s start with the fact based handicapping approach for NFL Week 9. The 2-5 Jacksonville Jaguars roll into Missouri to play the 5-2 Kansas City Chiefs in what should be a bit of a mismatch. The Jags are a basement level team who aren’t that big of threat to anyone at the moment- with the possible exception of my beloved Cleveland Browns.

That being said they are going to get beaten by a solid AFC West contender in the Chiefs who are -7.5 favorites. The Chiefs have once again a solid defense, and a potent enough offense to be competing with the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders for top spot in their division. There have been a few key injuries, most notably to QB Alex Smith, but with Andy Reed protege Nick Foles ready to go the disruption should be minimal.

A touchdown plus seems like a lot but the Jaguars have trouble keeping control of the ball. This will be exacerbated by a strong Chiefs’ D that creates turnovers. The Jags can score points against bad teams, but turnovers combined with a solid D for Kansas spells trouble for the Floridians. Take Kansas City here on the spread.

Best Football Bets Online – Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings

Now let’s talk best football bets when it comes to “gut” instinct picks. For Week 9 NFL wagers my intuition is telling me that the Minnesota Vikings are going to put a beating on the Detroit Lions on Sunday. After last week’s laugher loss to the woeful Chicago Bears, the Vikings have faced some serious heat this week and have even parted ways with offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

All this has led to the Detroit Lions being +6.5 under dogs to the Vikes in Minnesota. Now I get this line and I get that the moneyline makes the horned ones -270 favorites. By all accounts the Vikings are a bit rattled, Adrian Peterson is not running the ball well, Sam Bradford has been getting hit, and the offensive line is impacted by injuries and rookie starters.

The 4-4 Lions on the other hand have been erratic but at times talented. Although they haven’t beaten a team of real quality, Detroit has talent and decent coaching. Starting QB Matthew Stafford has proven to be a quality and enduring playmaker, and the Lions have hopes of slowly building a contender around him.

NFL Week 9 Picks – Minnesota Vikings

My online football betting “spidey sense” tells me that the Vikings are going to blow up and get the train back on the tracks. This is ultimately going to be a game between two offensively mediocre teams and two very different defenses. Minnesota has the #2 defense in the league while Detroit sits about #23rd. I think that is going to be the difference in the day and I think Minnesota will have an emotional game. I think you can bet the Minnesota -270 moneyline with a lot of confidence and even consider the Total by taking the Under 41.5.

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