Best Super Bowl Bets – Odds To Win Predictions and Tips

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Best Super Bowl bets at RealBet.euThe best Super Bowl bets may be a matter of personal risk/reward thresholds, but some are looking better than others based on the matchup in Super Bowl 50. A couple of key considerations will be the lines you are getting, your belief in each team, and your relationship with a higher deity. Aside from those three factors, I almost always go with my gut- and my gut is saying bet the Under.

Best Super Bowl Bets – Take the Under in #50

I don’t believe in “sure thing” football bets or “lock” betting tips. What I always say to my readers is that this is my opinion and run it through your own handicapping equations. So with that out of the way let me explain why taking the under is one of the best super bowl bets you can make. We have the perfect conditions for an Under bet with possibly the very best D in the league playing the top O in the league, which should theoretically neutralize each other.

Super Bowl Under Bets – Betting Preview

Ok everyone knows that. But add to that the Denver Broncos are ranked below average as an offense, then you really have a balanced team in the Carolina Panthers playing an unbalanced team in Denver- and it is the offense that is out of balance. Factor in that the Panthers also have a top 5 D and you now have two excellent defenses and only one strong offense. This is a perfect recipe for an under bet (U) in a championship game. If Denver had a high powered offense and porous defense like the old Indianapolis Colts under Peyton Manning, then I would be talking up the Over all day long. But that is not the case. Expect this game to look a little more like the Seattle game with less offense from Denver. And to me that spells Under.

Super Bowl 50 – Winning Under Bets

The remaining piece of this ninja Under betting scenario is to find a decent Over/Under line. When betting O/U lines, you always want to get the best deal you can depending on what side you are on. I like RealBet’s under/over line a lot as it now sits at 45.5- many books have it from 44-45 so take the extra point and a half.

Which Team Will Win Super Bowl 50 – Prediction

My gut is once again telling me that Carolina is going to carry the day. I think if you can still find a point spread of 4.5 or 5 anywhere you should think about jumping on it, but we have probably seen that last of those numbers given the public’s appetite for all things Carolina Panthers. With the odds lengthening I see less and less value in the Moneyline or Point Spread. However, I think the Under is still a solid bet.

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