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Best Thursday Football Picks are at RealBet.euI thought I would share my best Thursday football picks in advance of the game as there might be some opportunity in this one. As I mentioned last week, NFL Thursday Night football is sort of a like a poor man’s NFL Monday Night football. You have the entire nation’s attention, but the game never seems to have quite the same drama.

Best Thursday Football Picks – LA Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

While this game won’t be a battle of NFL titans on their inevitable way to the playoffs, it doesn’t mean we can’t make some decent money on it. The game takes place at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara California which should give the 49ers some help. The Rams are currently 1-1 heading into Week 3, and the 49ers are 0-2. Let’s break down the teams to find the money.

NFL Football Best Sportsbook – LA Rams

The newly relocated Rams are no doubt going to enjoy the milder winters in California compared to January in Missouri- but the same can’t be said for St. Louis fans. In yet another example of football team owner greed, the historic franchise was plucked from their home with little notice or even sympathy. That aside, the Rams are now one of two LA teams and seem to be settling in fine.

Los Angeles Rams – Best Football Picks

The Rams are helmed by second year QB Jared Goff who has the talent to be an elite level leader. Seasoning NFL quarterbacks takes a few years but Goff seems to be coming along fine. Although LA lost a fairly close game against the Washington Redskins last week, they looked very good in Week 1 dismantling the Indianapolis Colts 46-9. The Rams are definitely in the running for my best Thursday football picks.

The pointspread on the LA Rams for Thursday Night football is currently -2.5 and they are -145 on the moneyline. Although the Rams are playing in San Francisco I think either the point spread or the money line are a deal here. The 49ers managed just 3 points against the Carolina Panthers and only 9 points against the Seattle Seahawks. To be fair, both of those teams have great defenses but the underlying issue remains the same- the 49ers have virtually no offense.

Football Betting Scores – San Francisco 49ers

It is probably no surprise at this point in the article that San Francisco is not going to be among my best Thursday football picks. The 49er’s have been hapless for a few years now since their improbable Super Bowl run in 2012- or what I call the Curse of Alex Smith. Someone named Brian Hoyer is now the starting QB which I think says it all.

So they got rid of two excellent QBs, a talented veteran running back and are now basically a college football scrimmage team. The Over Under in this game is 38 which is probably on the high side, but either way San Fran is not winning this game. Assuming the Rams have any semblance of a game tonight count on them winning- and I will take them on the pointspread. Make sure to take some time to look at the prop bets for the game as well as there is always some profit to be found there.

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