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Betting Monday Night Football at RealBet.euBetting Monday Night football is always a bit bittersweet as it will be another whole six days until NFL Sunday football is back. As such there seems to be a special type of poignancy to it that often exceeds that actual contest itself. Tonight is no different at NFC South rivals the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints face off in the Superdome.

Betting Monday Night Football – Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints

This is about as much of a shoulder shrug MNF game as you are likely to see. There is the added spice that both teams are in the AFC South and as such rivals, but with the Falcons at 1-1 and the Saints at 0-2 it is hard to get excited about either team’s prospects given that they play in the same division as the Carolina Panthers. Tip- pay no attention to the Panther’s poor start unless Cam Newton’s injury is more serious than first suspected. However, this article is about Monday Night football betting so we will limit our speculations to that.

Free NFL Bets – $10 Risk Free Wager on Monday Night Football

So even if both teams are unlikely to have the kind of year that would make you bet on them to win the Super Bowl, it is hard to pass up on RealBet’s awesome $10 Free Football Bet on the game. If you aren’t already taking advantage of the weekly Monday Night Football $10 Free Bet then you are leaving free money on the table. Tonight’s $10 Free Bet is “Player to score the 1st First Down” for either the Falcons or the Saints. I like the Falcons on this bet and take Mohamed Sanu at +250.

NFL Betting – Monday Night Football Free Picks

Ok with free money in your pocket courtesy of RealBet, let’s take a look at the actual game. The  Atlanta Falcons are +3 dogs in New Orleans which means that the sports trolls in the RealBet bunker think that this is essentially a pick’em. That may be hard to argue. The Saints just aren’t any good at this point, and if 2015’s 7-9 season is any indication they most likely won’t be in 2016. Sure they have future Hall of Famer Drew Brees, but that is most likely about it although Brees is historically a monster in MNF games.

The Falcon’s on the other hand had only a slightly better 2015 although they do have the makings of a decent team. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are a potent combination, and their offense is currently the number one ranked offense in the NFL in terms of yards per game. Although their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a bit of a surprise, they are most likely a better team than the Saints although on the road is always tougher.

Really what this game comes down to is Defense or rather lack of it. Although both the Falcons and the Saints rank in the top five teams for Offensive Yardage Per Game, 1st and 5th respectively, they both are in the bottom five for defense. In fact they rank 28th and 31st respectively in D and essentially neither team could shut down a talented high school squad.

Betting Monday Night Football – Over Under Bets

That in turn begs the question as to what the Total or Over Under is for the game? It currently sits at 54 and although that seems like a big number it may be quite doable. Both teams have the ability to score through the air and Brees routinely throws over 300 yards in Monday Night Football games. If Julio Jones plays then think about the Over bet- if he doesn’t then think the Under bet. I am not super excited about Atlanta on the point spread as the Saints will most likely play tough at home when it comes to betting Monday Night Football.

As always best of luck and don’t forget to do your own handicapping! Lots of folks have New Orleans winning here ATS so that may be a legit bet. However, I like taking the Over or Under based on Julio Jones’ health.

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