Betting on Football – 3 Winning Tips | Underdogs, Primetime TV and Sunday Night Football

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When betting on football there are many factors that need to be accounted for. Is it NCAA college football, is it NFL football. Where the game is played, who’s injured, and what the weather will be are all typical and critical pieces of information that every sports better needs to be aware of before throwing down their cash.

As you do your analysis, it can be tough to remember everything you need to be looking for. To make it easier, the experts at RealBet put together three key tips to help you make an informed winning football wager.

1) Home Football Underdogs – Potential Winning Bets

Home underdogs are rare, but often provide great opportunities to make money betting on football. Just this past week, we saw the Carolina Panthers not only cover the point spread, but win its game outright as home underdogs. Home field advantage is often considered by football betting experts to be worth 3 points so take that carefully into consideration when looking at Point Spreads and Moneyline bets.

This year alone, home football underdogs are 23-17 against the point spread with nine NFL teams batting 100% as home underdogs. Identifying home underdogs, especially ones who are getting more than 3 points, should be one of the first things you do when analyzing the weekly NFL football betting lines.

2) NFL Primetime Television Coverage – Even Pros Get Nervous

Some football teams and players are built to play under the bright lights, and some teams and player just aren’t. When a game is at primetime, particularly on a Sunday Night, the stakes are often raised as it’s one of the biggest nationally televised game of the year.

The Seattle Seahawks are a whopping 15-3 in nfl primetime games under coach Pete Carroll, while the Cincinnati Bengals are a porous 3-7 in primetime with Andy Dalton at the helm. This year already, the Patriots are 2-0 on primetime while covering the point spread on both occasions. Always look to see which teams are squaring off on primetime, and factor in their records in night games before throwing down a bet.

3) NFL Sunday Night Bailout – Football Betting Hail Mary

The aforementioned NFL Sunday Night game is often referred to as ‘the bailout game’ for NFL football gambling. After a full slate of afternoon games, Sunday Night is the better’s last chance to make their money back and double down on their daily winnings. If there’s one game you need to research and prepare for, it’s the Sunday Night game. End your football betting Sunday on a high note by cashing in on the week’s biggest game.

Football Tips For Betting With RealBet – Get More Free Money

Our tops for betting on football, combined with your own analysis and you should see more profits right away. To boost your bankroll even further, make sure to take advantage of the best online sportsbook’s 100% Match up to $500 welcome bonus!

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