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College Bowl Game Schedule and Lines at
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College Bowl Game Schedule and Lines at RealBet.euKeeping track of the NCAA Football College Bowl game schedule is a full time job through December and January. There is a ton of these football Bowls and they are not all really of the same importance. For instance everyone has heard of the Rose Bowl or the Cotton Bowl, but not the Las Vegas Bowl or the Raycom Media Camellia Bowl (I did not make those up). In fact it surprised me to learn that there is actually 41 Bowl games, which the football betting part of me loves of course.

College Bowl Game Schedule – Previews and Picks

It may make sense to start with why are there so many Bowls and when are they? Well simply put there is money in them thar’ Bowl games. Even the most meaningless NCAA Bowl games get television coverage, which in turn gets advertisers, which in turn gets everybody paid- except student athletes of course. And we get to watch endless hours of meaningless football from a delightful semi-coma in our La-Z-Boy chair so win win.

Ok so we have the “why” of the college bowl game schedule and now just need the “when”. This wonderful plethora of college football betting is stretched out over 23 days and 41 Bowl games in pretty much every state in the country. Check out the NCAA website for the full college bowl game schedule here. The first games start tomorrow on December 17th and run through the College Football Playoff Championship on January 9th.

College Football Betting Tips – Bowl Games

Now do you have to watch every Bowl game? Well of course not, but do you have to ever eat the last slice of pizza? I thought so. The best and most exciting games are saved until the holidays, like Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, to ensure the largest television audiences. The lead up is peppered by the lesser competitive conference bowl games which of course you can still make a healthy profit betting on.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that NCAA Football Bowl Season is a marathon and not a sprint when it comes to betting online. Take the long view and parcel your action accordingly. As well take advantage of RealBet’s 12 Days of Christmas over the next week and a half as they are offering multiple huge reload bonuses that will keep your tank full.

Bowl Best Bets – Big Bonuses

If you are looking for a short version of the important college bowl game schedule then look no further than the Chik-fil-A Peach Bowl featuring the #4 Washington Huskies vs. #1 Alabama Crimson Tide, and the Playstation Fiesta Bowl featuring the #3 Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the #2 Clemson Tigers. Both games will take place on New Year Day’s Eve, or December 31st, and the two winning teams will play for the College National Championship on January 9th.

So whether it is the unimaginatively corporate named New Era Pinstripe Bowl, or the classic AutoNation Cure Bowl, make sure to get your bankroll ready for 23 heady days of liquor, food, holidays, and NCAA Football betting. Hint, bet on Alabama to win it all.

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