Free Football Picks Success – NFL Week 1 Infographic Recap

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Our free football picks for NFL week 1 were right on point. Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season delivered all of the big hits and exciting action that we have come to expect from the greatest sport on earth. What made it even better was that RealBet’s Week 1 Pick 6 football betting tips infographic had a win rate of 87.5%! Our stats experts went an astounding 7 for 8 with their recommendations for smart football bets and they plan to do it again this weekend.

NFL Week 1 Pick 6 Infographic Results

It was an interesting NFL Week 1 with a number of favored teams closing out wins. Despite a few key injuries most teams were healthy from the pre-season and as such fielded nearly complete squads of starters. However, it didn’t stop games like the Cowboys v.s. the Giants from making us all squirm a bit in our seats right up to the final second. Let’s take a look at the blockbuster results from Week 1. Here they are in no particular order:

  • The Green Bay Packers -6.5 = WIN
  • The Carolina Panthers .3.5 = WIN
  • The San Diego Chargers -2.5 = WIN
  • The San Diego Chargers on the Moneyline = WIN
  • The Miami Dolphins -3.5 = WIN
  • The Dallas Cowboys on the Moneyline = WIN
  • The New York Giants +5.5 = WIN
  • The Indianapolis Colts -3 = LOSS

Football Betting Tips – Our Free Picks Were Right on the Money – Check Out Our Week 2 Picks

So a remarkable record and congratulations to all of the RealBet players who took advantage of the tips by our stats experts! Now going 7 for 8 every weekend on your bets is going to be a hard act to follow, but clearly these guys know what they are doing and are headed towards a winning season. Check out next week’s NFL Week 2 Pick 6 infographic cheat sheet for online football betting which will be up in the next day or so. Study it thoroughly and you will have the necessary information to make sure you get an edge this weekend.

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