Free Football Picks Success – NFL Week 2 Infographic Recap

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The wins keep on coming as our free football picks for NFL Week 2 went a very respectable 7-3 (70%), and are an astounding 14-4 (77%) over the first two weeks. Our football infographic was a smash. After re-reading week 2’s NFL football betting infographic, it becomes clear that the statistical experts at RealBet are on top of their game. A lot of fantasy and survivor football pools got hammered last week, with victories by the likes of the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars throwing a wrench into what should have been “gimme” games. All the more reason to follow our football betting tips here at RealBet. Navigating any given Sunday is tough work so get the experts at RealBet on your side.

Tips for Betting on NFL Games – NFL Week 2 Pick 6 Football Infographic Results

Some surprising results this week – that’s what always keeps it interesting when you are betting on NFL games. A couple of big injuries happened, with most notably Tony Romo breaking his left clavicle. With Dez Bryant already out there could be real opportunity for some smart bets against the Dallas Cowboys next week. Let’s take a look at the NFL Week 2 Infographic results:

  • The Carolina Panthers -3 = WIN
  • The Minnesota Vikings -3 = WIN
  • The New England Patriots -1 = WIN
  • The Dallas Cowboys +5 = WIN
  • The Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions Under 43.5 = WIN
  • The New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills Over 45 = WIN
  • The St. Louis Rams and the Washington Redskins Under 41 = WIN
  • The San Francisco 49ers + 5.5 = LOSS
  • The St. Louis Rams -3.5 = LOSS
  • The Houston Texans and the Carolina Panthers Under 40.5 = LOSS

NFL Betting Strategy – Our NFL Infographic Free Picks Were Big Winners, Check Out Our Picks for Week 3

So another great weekend and kudos to everyone that followed the RealBet football betting tips for NFL Week 2 and made some very nice profits. It is important to note that even the great handicappers don’t win every game every weekend – but they win more than they lose. That is how you profit at football betting in the long run; with a sound betting stratey. And more importantly, have fun!

How Bookmakers Balance Action on Both Sides of a Game and Why We Give You Football Betting Picks

We have been asked more than once why we are giving out such great football betting tips. It seems counterintuitive to most people which is understandable, but at heart there is a very simple reason and one that is key to understanding why bookmakers do what they do. At the end of the day a serious bookmaker is not trying to “win” bets from players which is important to know. Instead the bookmaker is always trying to “balance” the action on both sides of a game so that they are never “exposed” to any significant risk regardless the outcome of the game and who wins.

Good Bookmakers Don’t ‘Bet Against the Player’ – Strategy: Achieve 50-50 Balance

The ideal for a bookmaker is to have all of their action balanced 50-50 and then to simply take their commission for handling the bets. That is what every bookmaker strives for and they are never actually “betting” against the player. So when it comes to our fantastic NFL infographics it isn’t about promoting certain wagers for our benefit – because if our bookmakers are doing their job properly then we don’t have any stake in which team wins or loses. Rather, our infographics are about creating value and excitement for our players. We want them to have a fun and an enjoyable experience! So stay tuned as the NFL Week 3 Pick 6 infographic / NFL cheat sheet will be coming out soon to help you make smart football bets.

Get In On the NFL Betting Excitement, Get Our Free Football Picks and Join Our Sportsbook

Make sure you get your bets in for Week 3 by using our free football picks, analyzing all of our football infographics and by creating an online sportsbook account. RealBet is offering the best deposit bonus in the business with our stellar 100% up to $300 Sign Up Bonus which means profits from the get go. In fact, you will be so darn impressed with our free NFL football betting picks and aggressive bonuses that you will want to tell your friends all about it. And when you do we will give you even more free money with our fantastic 25% up to $250 Refer-a-Friend Bonus.

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