Green Bay Packers Odds – The Bachelorette Factor

green bay packers odds bachelorette
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The Green Bay Packers odds of winning the 2016/17 Super Bowl are a respectful +1000. After the New England Patriots at +650, Green Bay shares second favorite spot with elite teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers. As the Green Bay training camp kicked off, star QB Aaron Rodgers conducted press interviews and there was one burning question on every sports reporter’s mind- “What did you think of your brother Jordan Rodgers winning the Bachelorette?”

Green Bay Packers Odds – NFL Futures Picks

That’s right, that’s what it has come to. An elite level quarterback whose team will almost certainly win the NFC North, and is a strong favorite to win his conference, answering questions about dating’s answer to “Dancing with the Stars”. Sigh.

But as handicappers we must look for every advantage, as off-field info on a player can be just as useful as on-field insight about a player. If your personal life is impacting your playing life, then how can it not affect your on-field performance? We don’t want to be ghoulish about these sorts of things, but at the same time it can be a real factor when looking at Green Bay Packers odds.

Green Bay Packers Odds – NFC North Future Lines

So will the Rodgers’ version of “Family Feud” have any impact on Packers’ future bets this year? Most likely not is probably the answer, but it appears these familial issues have gotten worse over the last couple of years which may explain Rodgers’ sub par year in 2015/16. Although the Cheeseheads’ helmsman had some excellent QB stats, his usually consistent game was unexpectedly hit or miss throughout the season which definitely impacted the team’s success.

Bachelorette Odds and Lines – Jo Jo v.s. Olivia Munn

However, 2016/17 is a new year and with the divine and funny Olivia Munn on his arm things may just be alright- regardless of Jordan Rodger’s arranged TV marriage to someone named Jo Jo. So most likely Aaron Rodgers is feeling pretty good about himself when compared to being a reality show star- which less face it, is about as productive as candy floss. Barring new Rodgers family drama, I would say don’t factor in any of this hullaballo into your research. If however it explodes, then take a closer look again as it could change the Green Bay Packers odds. Here’s hoping that they work through their differences!

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