Live Football Betting Tips – Real Time Sportsbetting

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Live Football Betting Tips

Live football betting may be the greatest invention since the polio vaccine. Seriously. If watching NFL football wasn’t thrilling enough, imagine now that you can make live bets online during the course of a game- play by play. Betting on live football games is as close as any of us are going to come to being a professional player or coach. When you get to call the plays you know what it is like to be in the middle of the action.

Live Betting Tips – Have a Game Plan

Live bets on football are a bit different than placing regular sports wagers online. Betting football live online requires a special game plan and approach. However, if you are an avid football fan then you have watched countless hours of “game tape” and as such you are essentially an unpaid expert already. Here are some tips for successful football live betting.

Live Football and Fast Media – Quick is Good

For live football  doesn’t matter if you are watching the game on TV, satellite, or online- it is always preferable to have a quick connection to the game. There is nothing worse than lagging a couple of minutes behind the game and not feeling or sensing the rhythm of the game. See below for why that is important, but in a nutshell make sure you are getting the game as “real time” as possible.

Reading the Field in Live Football- What’s the Weather

You don’t have to watch the actual game to make live football bets, but there are certain nuances you can pick up by also seeing what is happening on the field. Is one team getting frustrated, missing reads, coaches yelling? Is the other team pumped up and active on their sideline? How has the refereeing been? Are they letting players play or calling the smallest infractions? How is the weather? How involved are the fans? All of these can give you important clues to what plays may be called next, which in turn means more winning bets.

Don’t Let Live Bets Put You on Tilt- Keep Your Cool

Betting live on football can be more like playing poker than regular sports betting in some ways. In regular sports betting you make any number of bets before the game starts, but then you are essentially a spectator while the game plays out. However in live sports betting you can bet continuously throughout the game and as such you can get any number of bets down. This is of course one of the things that makes live betting online so much fun.

But what happens when you make some smart live football bets that don’t pan out? The receiver drops the ball on a gimme route, the running back fumbles, or a kicker misses the easy field goal? It is normal to get frustrated and angry when it happens- and that is when you need to be careful! It can be like a poker player who has been given a bad beat and then proceeds to play the next 20 hands like they are all pocket aces and loses their stack in the process. If you take a few “bad beats” on some live bets you should have won then do yourself a favour and take a break. It is when you are steaming and chasing losses that you are going to make poor decisions- and making impulsive angry bets is a bankroll killer. Friends don’t let friends live bet angry!

Bonuses for Live Betting – Join RealBet

Pay attention to the above live football betting tips and you have a real shot at making some nice returns while also enjoying the game at a whole new level. RealBet wants to help you out even more by boosting your live betting bankroll with a 100% up to $500 Sign Up Bonus. Real Bets, Real Live!

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