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MNF Preview at RealBet.euMy MNF preview has been written with an air of smugness following the success of my Sunday football pick where the New England Patriots happily covered the 12 point spread. So, with that in mind I am throwing around football betting tips in my MNF preview like a drunken tout. When in doubt however, make sure you do a little sober analysis of your own with your football betting.

MNF Preview – Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders

We have two teams with similar fortunes for the Monday Night Football preview. There is an added twist to this one as the game will be taking place south of the border in Mexico City at Azteca Stadium. Playing away internationally on neutral ground always changes the tenor of a game, but this game in particular will have some specific ramifications due to the location which I will discuss later.

MNF Preview – The Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are a solid 7-2 this season and look like they are finally reaping the benefits of several decades worth of top draft picks. With the ghost of Al Davis continuing to bark non-PC comments about his players from the sidelines, the Raiders have turned into a legitimate contender and currently sit in a potential three way tie in the very competitive AFC West.

The question will be can Derek Carr and DeAndre Washington get it down against the incoming Houston Texans? And will they be able to cover the -6 point spread as favorites? With the #5 ranked offense in the NFL you can make the argument that they can do exactly that.

NFL MNF Betting – Houston Texans

In this MNF preview I thought long and hard about the Texans who against all odds are off to a promising 6-3 start.  When it comes to betting football online the great news is that you have plenty of options- you don’t always have to bet the pointspread. The moneyline bet is always a potent weapon in your arsenal, and in this case the Texans are +200 on it.

However, Oakland plays gritty so I think I like getting 6 points on the point spread here better than getting double the profit. Although Brock Osweiler has delivered on his promise to the Texans, their offense has been a little hit or miss at times and current sits ranked 30th in the league.

The Houston defense on the other hand is doing very well with the likes of Jadeveon Clowney despite losing All Pro J.J. Watt. The Texans’ D is currently ranked #4 which stacks up very well against the #30 D of the Raiders. What is fascinating about this game is that we have almost a mirror effect in terms of team strengths- the Raiders with a top 5 offense and a 30th ranked defense versus the Texans with a top 5 defense and a 30th ranked offense.

MNF Preview – Mexico City Wins

Now here comes the twist. I think geography is going to be the true deciding factor in this game. We have two teams that are essentially each other’s kryptonite so I think they washout in the usual power rankings match up. Even though I think Oakland is slightly the better team, I think the neutral field of Mexico City negates it. What I am thinking will affect both teams equally though is the altitude of Azteca Stadium. At almost 7500 feet above sea level, it is the highest either of these teams will have played in terms of altitude. This will mean less oxygen and more fatigue- hello the Under bet! Combine the effects of altitude with the pollution of Mexico City, which the US national soccer teams have complained about repeatedly, and I think we have two teams giving sub par performances.

So it’s official. I am recommending the under 45.5 Total bet based on neutral playing field, altitude, and Mexico City pollution. If that isn’t spectacular handicapping I don’t know what is. If however you aren’t buying it, then I also slightly like the Houston Texans +6 on the spread.

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