NFL Betting Preview – Monday Night Football Picks

Peter Diana / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
12/15/2013  PITTSBURGH:  Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger looks to pass against the Bengals at Heinz Field PIttsburgh PA
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nfl-betting-previewMy NFL betting preview continues as Week 1 finishes up and I must say I am pleased with how my online football picks turned out this week. Aside from the New England Patriots pulling off what I consider to be an upset against the Arizona Cardinals, things turned out pretty much as expected. I did however also recommend the Under bet in the Pats Cardinals game so I feel a bit of redemption in that.

So let’s take a look at NFL Week 1 Monday Night Football which has the added bonus of having two games. As always, trust your gut and handicapping instincts when considering my picks!

NFL Betting Preview – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Washington Redskins

Take the Pittsburgh Steelers on the moneyline. Sure starting running back Le’Veon Bell is out along with wide receiver Martavis Bryan, but Big Ben is healthy and Antonio Brown is healthy. Add to that DeAngelo Williams as back up for Bell and Pittsburgh will be fine.

The horribly named Washington Redskins had a spike in wins last year and made the playoffs despite having a 9-7 record- which says everything you need to know about the NFC East division. Most of those wins came against sub par teams particularly within their own division so disregard. When Kirk Cousins with his porn mustache is your franchise player then you may be in trouble.

Why not the spread then? Well at -2.5 for the Steelers it may feel like a gimme but the game is in Washington and playing at home is generally worth 3 points in handicapping. Add to that the rust that teams always face in NFL Week 1 and I will give up the extra profit. So at -130 I like the moneyline bet on Pittsburgh here a lot more.

Online Football Betting Tip – Point Spread Wagers

A quick NFL preview betting tip- be cautious betting small point spreads in the early part of the football season. Too many unknowns and variables at that point and you can lose a lot of games on small spreads. After a few weeks of football you will start to get a better sense of how teams are playing, which injuries were being hidden or downplayed, and which teams still have some fight in them and which teams already know they are done.

Football Betting Picks – Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

I will make this as easy and as straightforward as possible for the purposes of my NFL betting preview. Avoid betting on this football game. Way too many unknowns around both teams, which is complicated by the fact that both are worse than mediocre. Normally I would look at an Under bet in a game like this, but with the o/u at 43 I think it is a bit lean. My gut does say the total will most likey be under here so if you are feeling adventurous go for it.

Monday Night Football $10 Free Bet – Risk Free Wager

I have saved the best for last today and I am happy to tell you that RealBet has decided to continue offering their wildly popular Football $10 Free Bet. The sports goblins at the handicapping desk will continue to offer weekly $10 Free Bets on NFL throughout the entire season and it is a serious perk when choosing your online sportsbook. How do you go wrong with free money?

This week’s Free $10 NFL bet is “Player to Record 1st First Down” in the Pittsburgh Washington game. I like DeAngelo Williams here, and although at -110 you won’t get rich you will most likely get some free money.

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