NFL Predictions – Week 3 Infographic Recap

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Our NFL predictions for week 3 caught us by surprise. It was a tough NFL Week 3 for bookies everywhere, and the stats experts at RealBet were no different as they struggled to grind out a record of 3-6 (33%). In particular, the Over/Unders from our Week 3’s NFL betting infographic were blown out of the water by unusually high scoring games and lopsided wins. However, over the past three weeks of NFL action the RealBet handicappers are running an excellent 17-10 (63%) – so keep the faith! The good news is that handicapping tends to get more accurate as the football season progresses, and as teams begin to settle into their form and long term injuries make an impact.

How to Bet on NFL Games – Use Inforgraphics and NFL Predictons: Pick 6 Infographic Results

It was an odd mixture of favorites and dogs winning this weekend but again the real story was the amount of unusual scores. Who could predict the Buffalo Bills running up 41 points over the Miami Dolphins? New England scoring 51 also seems like a lot even for the Super Bowl champs as they destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars. It can be hard to know how to bet on NFL games, but that is what makes it so much fun. Let’s take a look at how the weekend shook out:

  • The Arizona Cardinals -6.5 = WIN
  • The Buffalo Bills + 3 = WIN
  • The Cincinnati Bengals + 2.5 = WIN
  • The Indianapolis Colts -3.5 = LOSS
  • The Carolina Panthers – 7 = LOSS
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers + 6.5 = LOSS
  • The New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers Under 43 = LOSS
  • The Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins Under 43.5 = LOSS
  • The Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens Under 44.5 = LOSS

Betting Strategies – A Bizarre Week in Football, Get Your Free Predictions For NFL Week 4

Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. Truer words were never spoken when you look at how this week treated the world of betting. Ugly lopsided scores made a mockery out of projections on over and unders, while bizarre disparities in winning margins meant migraines for everyone as point spreads became meaningless. But that is how it goes in online sportsbook betting, and it wouldn’t be called gambling if it was completely predictable!

The only thing to do at the end of the day is to get back on the metaphorical “horse” and get ready for Week 4. The sports stats guys here at RealBet have gone back to the drawing board and are squeezing every ounce of intelligence they can out of upcoming team match-ups. Watch out for our powerful Week 4 Free Predictions infographic and get ahead of the curve when it comes to smart winning bets. As always use this in conjunction with your own betting strategies and research to help you make the right play.

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