NFL Preseason Betting – Arizona Cardinals

NFL Preseason Betting is Live at
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NFL Preseason Betting is Live at RealBet.euIn anticipation of NFL Preseason betting we took a look at the upcoming Hall of Fame Game yesterday, and in particular the Dallas Cowboys. As promised, I will take a look at the team on the other side of the ball- the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL Preseason Betting – Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals

Why so much focus on the NFL Hall of Fame Game? Well for one it will help us get back in the NFL handicapping frame of mind. After months of betting on basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball, I need to shift my brain into football mode. Additionally, NFL Preseason betting is its own animal and with a month of it ahead of us we need to be ready.

NFL Preseason Betting – Arizona Cardinals

We detailed the strengths and woes of the Dallas Cowboys when it comes to NFL Preseason betting. In short- talented but troubled. The Arizona Cardinals on the other hand have a more straight forward team and image. Although never Super Bowl champs in the modern era, the Cards came close in 2008 but lost narrowly to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Helmed by veteran quarterback Carson Palmer, Arizona won the NFC West in 2015 and there was talk of a repeat in 2016. However, the Bird Gang ended up a fairly dismal 7-9 and watched arch rivals the Seattle Seahawks win the division. But with the re-signing of Palmer and star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald there should be plenty offensive fire power and veteran smarts to take another run at the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals – Preseason Preview

When it comes to NFL Preseason betting however, the biggest edges that the Cardinals have will most likely be sitting on the sideline. Coach Bruce Arians has already publicly stated that all of his key veterans in the form of Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, running back David Johnson etc. will not be playing during the NFL Hall of Fame Game this Thursday, August 3rd. So that makes it pretty clear when it comes to NFL Preseason betting then! Heck, the Cards aren’t even starting second string QB Drew Stanton and instead are going with 3rd stringer Blaine Gabbert.

NFL Preseason Lines – Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals

So with a number of key Cowboys’ players sitting out for various infractions, and with all of the Cardinals veteran starters sitting on the bench, how do we bet this game? Well here is the key to the whole thing. No other than Jerry Jones is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this year under the Owner category. Do you think for one moment that Jerry Jones wants to lose even the most inconsequential of games on the weekend that he is indicted, err, inducted into the HOF? Not a chance. The Cowboys will show up for this one and Jason Garrett and his coaches will be expected to win this one for the Joneser. Take the Cowboys on the -110 moneyline or -1 pointspread all day long! As for the Cards, they will most likely have a playoff caliber season if everyone stays healthy so I don’t think they will mind sitting this one out at all.

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