NFL Week 1 Picks – Football Betting Preview

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NFL Week 1 Picks at RealBet.euWhen putting together my NFL Week 1 picks I must admit that I get all giddy like a sugar fueled 5 year old on Christmas Day. It is a signal that another glorious season of NFL football is about to kick off and I can can unleash my online betting upon cyberspace. It is like the smell of fresh baked apple pie, autumn leaves, and smoky hot wings combined to overwhelm the senses. Without further ado, here are some NFL Week 1 picks worth considering and I will add to them as the week progresses. As always, make sure to do your own research as you may have noticed I am not retired.

NFL Week 1 Picks – Green Bay Packers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags are supposed to be better this year. Good for them. Expect Green Bay to get off to a strong start as Rodgers puts behind him the shame of having a brother win the bachelorette and hits Jordy Nelson on every other play. The Jags are +5.5 dogs at home which is not insignificant so my instinct is to take the Cheddarheads on the moneyline. Sure I am paying a premium for being a chicken, but -230 feels like a nice return for a solid gamble.

NFL Week 1 Betting – New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

I cannot bear to watch any more news stories on the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, or Jerry Jones’ good ol’ boy analogies. I just feel nauseous and it is like watching the worst and longest running daytime soap opera drama called, well, Dallas. Something called a Dak Prescott will be helming the Lone Star Felons, and Eli Manning will be there in body but no one is sure about mind. This game has horrible clownfest written all over it. In the absence of Romo the Cowboys will run the ball the entire game- which will be apparent to the Giants who will defend the run pretty much every play. Take the Under at 46 here and watch 60 Minutes instead.

NFL Week 1 Picks – Cincinnati Bengals vs. New York Jets

The spread here is -2.5 for the Bengals and I think that is lean value. The Bengals had a break out season last year and only the late injury to the ginger headed Andy Dalton derailed them from a deeper run into the playoffs. The Jets are once again mired in mediocrity and I am becoming sleepy just trying to even care about them. I like the Tony Tigers here on the spread and expect them to be the class of the day.

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