NFL Week 15 Sports Betting – Football Wagering Preview

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NFL Week 15 SportbettingNFL Week 15 sports betting looks to be intense as the season draws to an end and teams get desperate for a playoff spot. In Week 14 we saw two nail biter Primetime games, Cam Newton take a stranglehold on the MVP race, and the Jacksonville Jaguars put up a whopping 51 points on the Indianapolis Colts. What will NFL Week 15 have in store for us? Let’s take a look and two of the most anticipated games of the week and breakdown the point spreads.

The Denver Broncos (+6) at the Pittsburgh Steelers – Steelers’ Explosive Offence

The Pittsburgh Steelers have arguably the league’s most explosive offense, are commandeered by a Super Bowl winning quarterback, and are coming off a 10-point beat down of the once 10-2 Cincinnati Bengals. But they’re also currently out of the playoffs.

The Denver Broncos on the other hand are 10-3 coming off a home loss to the Oakland Raiders, and may or may not be getting Peyton Manning back (which may or may not be a good thing). But they’re also sitting atop the AFC West and can effectively clinch a playoff spot with a win at Pittsburgh. Needless to say, this is as big a game as you can get this week in the AFC.

Both the Broncos and Steelers moved the ball pretty well last week and neither defense gave up more than 20 points. However, the major difference was in the red zone where Denver’s inability to convert any of their four scoring drives into touchdowns gave the Raiders enough life to steal one in Mile High. This was a tough loss for the Broncos, as they now head into Pittsburgh and then have a date with AFC North leading Cincinnati the following week. With the Kansas City Chiefs on their heels, Denver’s division lead looks more tenuous now than ever before.

As mentioned, the Steelers come into this game with one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. But they will also face a Denver defense that yields a paltry 17.3 points per game. Big Ben Roethlisberger leads an offense that’s top five in points and passing yards, and as recently as two weeks ago went into Seattle and put up video game numbers against one of the league’s most vaunted defenses. What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?

We’ll find out Sunday afternoon in the Steel City.

The Chicago Bears (+5) at the Minnesota Vikings –  Vegas Line Soft

First off, any game that has a 5 point spread should make you look twice. Rarely do football games ever end with a 5 point margin, so this shows how tenuous this line is and how unsure Vegas is about both teams.

Are the Minnesota Vikings good? I’m not sure. Are the Chicago Bears as bad as we thought? I’m not sure either. A look at the numbers gives us some insight, but not a ton.

The Bears have lost three of their last four, but prior to that they had won three of their last four. Jay Cutler has played well as of late, but after blowing a home game last week against the Washington Redskins they may have seen any shot they had at making the playoffs evaporate before their eyes.

The Vikings on the other hand probably feel safe knowing they don’t have to play any of the heavyweights from the NFC West anymore. After getting outclassed by the Seattle Seahawks, and then losing a nail biter to the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night, they come up against a Bears team they beat 23-20 in NFL Week 7. The Vikings have lost three of their last four, but they still remain in the thick of the NFC North race and can win the division if they win out the rest of the way. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has been uneven this season and only has 9 TD passes. To put that in context, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has eight in his last two games. However, the Vikings are coming off a long rest after playing last Thursday night. They have had ample time to prepare for a Bears defense that’s struggled to contain Adrian Peterson over his Hall of Fame career.

This is one of only a few divisional games this week and it’s always hard to predict how these games are going to go. Either way, this game has serious implications for both the NFC wildcard and NFC North races and should be a good one in the Twin Cities.

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