NFL Week 2 Picks – Football Betting Odds

NFL Week 2 Picks
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NFL Week 2 PicksMy NFL Week 2 picks are hot off the press after a serious week of handicapping and scotch drinking. I am feeling a bit bullish after my NFL Week 1 betting picks did so well, so I am going to ride my wave of optimism and damn the torpedoes. When it comes to betting on football always make sure to do your own research when it comes to looking at my NFL Week 2 picks. I am still paying a mortgage and my kids should really have braces!

NFL Week 2 Picks – Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

What could be better than a game between historic, bitter rivals? This is going to be a fun one to watch so have the beer and pretzels ready. It is always tough to play in Minnesota particularly when you are the Green Bay Packers– but I don’t think that justifies the Minnesota Vikings as +2.5 underdogs on the point spread.

I think Minnesota will still be struggling with it’s QB identity, while Aaron Rodgers and crew look like they are gearing up to win the NFC North division again. I like Green Bay on the pointspread here but no shame in taking the moneyline to be on the safe side. I just don’t think it will be within 3 so this is definitely on my NFL Week 2 picks list. Either way this will be great game to watch!

NFL Week 2 Betting Picks – San Francisco 49ers vs. Carolina Panthers

The point spread on this game is -13.5 for Carolina and I don’t think it matters for my NFL Week 2 picks. Forget the high school football game that took place in Los Angeles last week as it will mean nothing for San Fran’s chances on Sunday. They are a basement level team and they are so certain to lose this game that you may not be able to find a moneyline bet on it.

The Carolina Panthers are hungry. The Panthers are starving. After last week’s upset at the hands of the Denver Broncos expect them to gleefully tear apart the 49ers at home in North Carolina. Expect a bloodbath and a blowout. I think you can profitably take the spread here and rest easy. If you are looking at prop bets on the game then look at Carolina to score first.

Best Football Betting Lines – Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

It is always entertaining to watch the Dallas Cowboys (like a train wreck) play football, and the icing on the cake is that it will be against division rivals the Washington Redskins. This match should set the tone for the rest of the season for both teams and the NFC East division.

The Redskins are nominally the better of the two teams and under Kirk “Pornstache” Cousins have played very well at home as of late. But that being said they are weak team in a weak division which makes them look good by comparison. The good news for them is they are playing the sad sack Cowboys.

Given home field advantage the -3 point spread for the Redskins means that this is a pick’em. I like the Redskins better as Cousins can throw the ball when he is in the groove, while Cowboy’s rookie Dak Prescott is still too green despite playing ok last week. Taking the Redskins on the moneyline at -145 might be the way to go here while staying on the safe side of mediocrity.

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