NFL Week 3 Football Recap  – Who Won NFL Week 3?

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Our NFL Week 3 football recaps are here. Even hardened bookies where shaken by NFL Week 3 and there was plenty of blood spilled in both offline and online sportsbooks as detailed in our NFL Week 3 infographic recap. Strange high scoring games combined with blowouts and upsets to give a collective coronary to the bookmaking industry, but players typically did well by jumping on favorites.

Who Won NFL Week 3? – Football Handicapping for Better Betting

Below are the results from the NFL’s Week 3 games and notice some of the key upsets and inflated scores. Our Pick 6 infographics are invaluable when it comes to handicapping our your football betting action so don’t forget to check them out. We are a combined 18-9 over the first three weeks of football so make sure to get on the winning team. Here are the highlights:

  • The New York Giants finally won a game beating the Washington Redskins 32-21 and temporarily silencing the perennial Eli critics.
  • The loss of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant made itself known as the Atlanta Falcons outscored the Dallas Cowboys 39-28.
  • The Indianapolis Colts finally, but barely, beat a team as they took down the Tennessee Titans 35-33.
  • The Oakland Raiders shocked the football world for the second week in a row beating the noble Cleveland Browns 27-20.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals have finally convinced everyone they are for real as they deftly handled the luckless Baltimore Ravens 28-24.
  • The New England Patriots looked every inch the Super Bowl defending champions as they neutered the Jacksonville Jaguars 51-17.
  • The Carolina Panthers remain contenders as they mauled the winless New Orleans Saints 27-22.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles made a stand and managed to ground the admittedly low flying New York Jets 24-17.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t look much like pirates as they lost to the Houston Texans 19-9 in a very dull, dull game.
  • The Minnesota Vikings are making good on some pre-season promise as they improved to 2-1 by taking down the San Diego Chargers 31-14.
  • All of Pittsburgh is in mourning after Steeler’s helmsman Ben Roethlisberger went down with a knee injury in their win over the docile St. Louis Rams.
  • The Arizona Cardinals looked like a playoff bound team as they embarrassed the San Francisco 49ers 47-7.
  • The Buffalo Bills are looking like a surprising dark horse after effortlessly handling the flipperless Miami Dolphins 41-14.
  • The Seattle Seahawks finally took flight as they beat the hapless Chicago Bears 26-0.
  • The Denver Broncos are looking sharp as Peyton Manning led them in a 24-12 win over the Detroit Lions.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs fell to the Green Bay Packers 38-28 in Monday night action.

NFL Betting – NFL Week 3 Has Come to a Close But Who Will Win Week 4?

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