Winning Proposition Bets – Online Betting Tips

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Winning Proposition BetsIf you are looking for online betting tips then take time to get acquainted with Proposition bets. Proposition bets are typically wagers that are on something occurring during a game or an event, as opposed to being about the whole game or event. What makes proposition bets interesting is that they allow you the flexibility of betting on particular elements of a match up during a game, which as we will examine can have a healthy impact on your bankroll.


Proposition Bet Tips – NFL Monday Night Football

Let’s take a real world example from Week 14’s NFL Monday Night Football game to illustrate a proposition bet. The Dallas Cowboys are playing the Washington Redskins, and given how these two teams have played it will be hard to pick who is going to be the worst team on the night.

However, with Tony Romo out due to injury it is pretty much a given that the Cowboys will now have to run the ball more.  This is the perfect time for a Proposition bet on whether the Cowboys will rush for more than 100 yards in the game. In short, when you are unsure on the outcome of a game look for opportunities for sound bets within the game.

RealBet’s Proposition Bets – Team and Player Props

In a typical football game you will see a wide array of proposition bets covering both team and player props. There will be lines on rushing, passing, defense, offense, scores, turnovers, quarterback stats, running back stats, wide receiver numbers, and many more. Within all of these choices there is always value for sharp bettors to finds some leverage and bank some bucks. Do your research prior to the game and look for positional mismatches, weather, and injuries to give you insight into winning props.

Proposition Bets – Exciting Moneymakers

And lastly, proposition bets are just a ton of fun and definitely make watching the game much more entertaining and riveting. Not only are you most likely sweating your full time bet, but now you get to sweat each yard, each play, and each player. Note that every major sport has their own proposition bets so you can profit from them year round.

Free Bonus Money For Proposition Bets

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