Tips for Betting On College Football – NCAA Overs and Unders and Moneyline Bets

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Our tips for betting on college football online have finally arrived. There are few things more important in life than placing NCAA bets, and we will show you how to do it. Sure, there is your wedding day and the birth of your first child. But what will really keep you sane through the perils of marriage and inevitable disappointments of parenthood is being able to drink beer on Saturdays and win a few bets.

My dismal record on marriage aside, what is truly required to make college football’s best bets? Study and analysis of course are important and knowing a team’s season form is key. But to bet on college football with confidence means factoring in a lot variables that are often more volatile than in NFL football betting. Below are a few tips for things to consider when betting on NCAA football.

NCAA Injuries More Stringent than Professional Football

To the NCAA’s credit there seems to be a bit more of an openness to sitting out players due to injury. The NCAA injury reporting obligations of teams in the NCAA are more stringent than those of professional football. So, theoretically get enforced more. Expect that injuries to key players will take longer to rehabilitate and thus make more of an impact on a team’s success.

Expulsions, Suspensions, and Detention – College Ball Kids are Just Bigger Teens

Boys will be boys and just because you can bench press 350 pounds does not mean that you can necessarily make good life decisions. The brains of most college kids are still in their teenage growth years, so a combination of keggers, fights, and cutting class means that teams sometimes lose key players. Add this category to your injury review analysis.

Use the Weather to Your Advantage – Deploy Moneyline Bets and Overs / Unders to Bet Smart and Win Big

For the most part weather is not a huge factor in college football sports betting and the Bowl games are usually played in more temperate and amenable climes. However, there can be money to be made in upsets where inclement weather in the Northeast turns late season games into low scoring, more even affairs. This is good for taking a value underdog on Moneyline bets, or looking at the Under bets for Over / Under wagers.

Totals and Over / Under Bets – College Footall’s Best Bets and Tips

Some of college football’s best online bets can be found on Over / Unders which are also known as Totals. Some of college football’s most hair pulling, throwing the TV out the window, crying into your beer bets can be found on over-unders and Totals. Here are winning tips for betting college football overs and unders:

  • Sometimes the best bet for college football Over / Unders is not to bet at all. Seriously
  • If you are still itching to get a total wager down then bet the Over in games where teams are relatively evenly matched. College games are notoriously high scoring affairs
  • Never underestimate the value of a good kicker. Research the teams’ kickers and you will be surprised at the diverse range of talent there and its impact on totals
  • Sometimes a total is just too bizarre to make sense to anyone, much less put your hard earned money on. Do you really want to take a flyer on Texas Tech and Kansas at 77.5? There are so many things that can go sideways in this type of total that it is possibly better to buy a lottery ticket instead

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